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DStv to add four e.tv channels

MultiChoice and e.tv, the two broadcasters which have for years been battling each other in public and in the courts over digital terrestrial television encryption, appear to be getting a little cosier.

E.tv said on Tuesday in a statement that it will add four new channels to the DStv platform on Wednesday, 17 May. DStv already carries the e.tv channel, available to analogue terrestrial viewers, and the company’s 24-hour news channel, eNCA.

“This major partnership means that e.tv multichannel now offers movies, series and kids’ programming to millions of new viewers,” e.tv said in the statement.

The new channels are:

eExtra (DStv 195), which it said offers “premium” entertainment in high-definition, including offering international series, reality shows, telenovellas and dramas like House and Burn Notice, with a “focus on young, urban, modern and cosmopolitan content”;

eMovies+ (DStv 138), which is offers entertainment, covering all genres;

eMovies Extra (DStv 140), which shows movies during daytime hours;

eToonz+ (DStv 311), which shows children’s programming.

These channels are already available on OpenView HD, the free-to-air satellite platform that is “powered by e.tv”.

“With a focus on quality content and expansion of the e.tv brand into more homes across the country, this partnership represents an important part of our plans for the growth of the brand,” said eMedia Investments chief operating officer Mark Rosin. eMedia Investments owns e.tv.

eMovies+ and eMovies Extra will be available to DStv Access, Family, Compact, Extra and Premium customers. eExtra and eToonz+ will be available on the same bouquets, as well as DStv EasyView.  — (c) 2017 NewsCentral Media


  1. Master4real on

    Maybe OVHD is not doing well. On the other side, etv need numbers to attract advertisers. If they put this channels on DSTV, it will have a wider reach and advertising revenue will also increase. I see the OVHD failing like TopTV.

  2. OVHD should be adding channels, not Dstv adding etv channels. OVHD could easily have the same radio channels as the Dstv most affordable Easyview package.
    I think this is a bad move from OVHD.

  3. CharlieTango on

    And when is MultiChoice going to stop prostituting itself by accepting money from the Guptas for their propaganda news programme, ANN7, on DStv channel 405?

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