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Interview: Civic CEO Vinny Lingham

Vinny Lingham

South African Internet entrepreneur Vinny Lingham chats in this podcast to Duncan McLeod about Civic, his new blockchain-based identity management start-up that allows users to protect and authorise the use of their identity in real time.
Lingham, who is well known to South Africans for his involvement with the television series Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank on M-Net, talks about how the idea for Civic came about and why he thinks it’s fundamentally necessary, and groundbreaking.
He also talks about the company’s initial coin offering, or ICO, and how it works exactly.
Lingham gives his views on the price of bitcoin (is it going to soar even higher, or is it about to crash?) and the South African economy and technology scene from a global perspective.
You do not want to miss this interview!

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  1. Not enough South Africans are taking note of Vinny Lingham. He is a visionary and an example to all young entrepreneurs. I agree with him saying not enough people in South Africa are looking to invest in his businesses. His track record speaks for itself. If I had the money, I would invest for sure. I sometimes wish he had an investment company focused on the tech companies that’s listed on the JSE. That’s probably the only way normal South Africans would afford to invest in his businesses. He would make a lot of people wealthy. Doubt he has the time for it though.

  2. Ashton Hayes on

    @arsenal_hd:disqus that is what is so beautiful about an ICO over an IPO i.e. anyone in the world with a little bit of bitcoin or ethereum can invest in an ICO. Vinny’s ICO is invest-able as a south african

  3. I agree with you but many people are unaware of how the ICO works. Lingham explains it in the podcast but its quite technical. We wont be able to take advantage of the civic service so doubt buying tokens will benefit us. I may be understanding this incorrectly.

  4. Ashton Hayes on

    The steps on how to participate in the ICO can be followed pretty clearly on the FAQs section of the civic token website and in Vinny’s latest blog post he actually mentions how he thought about smaller countries with horrible exchange rates like South Africa when designing the ICO process. Thats why you can get in at low price points say $200 or so. Perhaps the process is difficult but its only difficult because its new. It is far easier than say, as a south african, trying to invest in an IPO in the states for instance. Regarding using the Civic Service in South Africa, I don’t see why this can’t work here? Especially because there will potentially be 100s of South African Civic Token Holders pushing companies to start using Civic.

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