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The sharp rise in the price of bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies since the start of 2017 has created enormous interest in this market. Many people see it is a chance to make money, and they don’t want to miss out. However

South African Internet entrepreneur Vinny Lingham chats to Duncan McLeod about Civic, his new blockchain-based identity management start-up that allows users to protect and authorise the use of their identity in real time

The bitcoin market is “over-inflated” and “very frothy”, despite big risks looming on the horizon, South African Internet entrepreneur – and cybercurrency expert – Vinny Lingham warned on Tuesday. Lingham, who has been dubbed by some media

The venture capital community in South Africa is too risk averse and doesn’t understand the start-up model, particularly when it comes to high-growth start-ups. That’s the view of San Francisco-based South African Internet

Serial South African technology entrepreneur Vinny Lingham – the man behind Yola and Gyft and a co-founder of the Silicon Cape Initiative – has just gone live with his latest venture, Civic. Lingham, who now lives

South African technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist Llew Claasen has been named as executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, effective 1 July. Claasen, who is based in Cape Town, is managing partner

South African-born Silicon Valley entrepreneur Vinny Lingham wants to curb identity theft with his latest venture, called Civic. Lingham shot to Silicon Valley fame when he sold his virtual gift card service Gyft to First Data for more than US$50m in 2014