Interview: Farzam Ehsani on why crypto money is so revolutionary - TechCentral

Interview: Farzam Ehsani on why crypto money is so revolutionary

Farzam Ehsani

In this episode of TechCentral, we bring you a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion with cryptocurrency expert Farzam Ehsani, the blockchain lead at Rand Merchant Bank and chairman of the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium.

Ehsani, a leading thinker on blockchain technology, believes crypto money is not only going to reshape the world’s financial systems, but also fundamentally shake up geopolitics and the global social order.

In the podcast, he talks about the nature of money — what it is, where it came from, how it gets its value and why cryptocurrencies challenge so much of what we’ve become accustomed to.

He talks about the open letter he wrote to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and the role of banks as government-backed fiat currencies become undermined (and possibly destroyed) by crypto systems. The discussion explores the future of central banks — if any — in this new world order.

Can crypto money be regulated, and is it desirable to attempt to do so? And what happens if governments lose their ability to monitor money flows — and their ability to tax? Does it mean the death of the nation state as we know it? Ehsani not only believes the system of nation states is going to go away, but that what emerges in its wake — after a period of possibly intense instability — is likely to be much better.

This is one podcast you dare not miss!

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  1. André Potgieter on

    Really?? Wake up and smell the roses! Based on Stats SA’s estimate that the South African population reached 55.9-million people in June 2016, this means that the country will reach the 40 per cent Internet penetration mark this year.

    The single most common use of the Internet among South African adults is communication, reported by almost a third (31 per cent) of respondents, followed by social networking (24.9 per cent) and information (23.7 per cent), both reported by almost a quarter of respondents. Only then comes entertainment at 22.1 per cent. Shopping and finance is cited by only 15.2 per cent of respondents.

    Refer to the link below, it is about as close to reality as you can get, and it certainly paints a different picture!

    Furthermore, South Africa is still the most expensive country on this continent when it comes to internet connectivity, and that is the most important reason why more than 60% of the population is not connected – they cannot afford it! Secondly, most of them cannot connect because the service is appalling (to say the least) when you are more than 20km outside of the major ‘hubs’.

  2. Greg Mahlknecht on

    Damn excellent podcast, thanks Duncan and Farzam. I’m not a big cryptocurrency fan, but if it does indeed hit $2500 as you say it could, I might pick up a few bitcoin in the dip.

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