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Our 15 favourite iPad apps

The iPad 2 went on sale in SA last Friday. TechCentral rounded up its 15 favourite apps for the device (they’ll all also run on the original model).

Zinio: Magazine reader for the iPad. You can subscribe to some of your favourite magazines using this application, plus it comes with three free magazines from a selection that includes PC Magazine, Elle and Men’s Fitness. Local publisher Media24 is providing some of its magazines through Zinio, too.

Wired: The latest issue of Wired for the iPad is free and showcases just what can be done in terms of interactivity on the platform. Be warned, though, it’s a 380MB download.

Radio South Africa: This is a modified iPhone app that provides access to a wide range of SA radio stations that stream their audio on the Web. Stations include Talk Radio 702, Cape Talk, Classic FM and 5fm.

Life: This is a great photography app showcasing current affairs pictures and Life magazine’s legendary archive of material. It’s a must-have for photography junkies and history buffs alike.

GoToMyPC: This Citrix-built app lets you connect to your Internet or Mac desktop on the go. Useful if you want to grab a file on your office or home computer. Warning: it’s bandwidth hungry.

Marvel Comics: Offering access to more than 500 Marvel titles, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Spider-Man, this app is a must-download for the comic-book geek in you. There are free samples, too.

CNN: With a great multimedia layout, the latest current affairs article and plenty of video footage on offer, the CNN app is great for news junkies craving the latest international news.

Al Jazeera: The Qatari news channel offers a live video feed. Tilt your iPad on its side for a full-screen view. Not recommended over 3G because of the amount of data it will consume.

Find iPhone: An iPhone app that also works with the iPad, this useful program will help you track down your device if you lose it or, heaven forbid, it gets stolen. You’ll need to sign up for a free Apple MobileMe account.

Flipboard: Billed as a “personalised, social magazine”, Flipboard lets you read what your friends are sharing with you on Facebook and Twitter. You can also flip through lists of well-known Twitter users.

Intelligent Life: A free (for now) magazine from the publisher of The Economist. Stimulating reading.

IM+: This free instant messaging (IM) application isn’t perfect but it’s the best way of connecting with your friends on Google Talk and other IM platforms.

Angry Birds Free HD: This one needs no introduction. It’s the utterly addictive game from Rovio. Kiss your productivity goodbye as you unleash avian cruelty.

GarageBand: The only paid-for app in this list, the $4,99 ticket price is well worth it. It’s no professional recording studio, but GarageBand will keep you entertained for hours with its music creation tools.

Bloomberg: This app from the business news wire is a great source of analysis, news and comment on business and current affairs. Best of all, it’s free.

What are your favourite iPad apps? Use the comments box below and let us know.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. Did you run the iPads on the three (four) mobile networks? What is is your experience with regards to speed and quality – which one came tops?

  2. My iPad fav apps: The Economist, Dropbox, SoundHound, Volkswagen Touareg Challenge, DataMan, TED, QWiki, Appetite, Lane Splitter, Hitpad, iMExchange 2.

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