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PBX-over-GSM launches in South Africa, solving VoIP quality concerns

Trabel, the creators of the innovative Scotty BusinessLine phone service, have claimed another first in the South African market: NoPBX, a cloud-hosted PBX-over-GSM company switchboard solution.

Developed in South Africa, PBX-over-GSM is a new technological concept pioneered by Trabel. With NoPBX, the whole PBX runs entirely over GSM networks, using existing cellphones and Sim cards.

This gives huge saving against existing PBX technologies: Needing only existing smartphones, NoPBX does not any need additional hardware or phones to run. Other high-cost components, common in traditional business phone systems, are also eliminated by the NoPBX technology. These include phone lines, cabling, data connections, site installation, maintenance, system management and site visits.

Cloud-hosted company switchboard systems, or PBXes, have been around for a while, and many offer mobility through voice-over-data (or VoIP)-based smartphone apps that can connect to or extend your company phone extension onto your mobile phone, so what makes NoPBX different?

First, the really big differentiator to all current phone systems available is that NoPBX calls are made over GSM and do not use VoIP. As anyone who has used VoIP on a smartphone will know, it is a best-effort technology that can go horribly wrong when your data signal is less than perfect — for example, when connected via Edge or even a 3G GSM signal. For this reason, VoIP has not been widely adopted in South Africa as a first-tier business mobility solution.

True GSM solution

In stark contrast, the core call protocol of NoPBX is GSM, a technology with call quality that is rock solid, guaranteed, and reliable enough to safely trust your business to.

Another differentiator is that because NoPBX has been consciously developed as a true GSM solution from the ground up, your smartphone is your company phone, rather than an extension or afterthought of it. This is done elegantly — simply giving users the choice of two dial buttons when calling out, “Business call” or “Personal call”. In addition, all incoming calls are identified on-screen as “Business” or “Personal”. This gives employees perfect control and separation of business and personal communication — on one single device, and with true freedom of mobility.

A third unique feature of NoPBX is its simplicity. Customers can set up their own PBX on the NoPBX website in minutes and be operational and doing business immediately. This is because the NoPBX app self-authenticates using the user’s cellphone number. Employees simply download the app and install it, and there is absolutely no app setup needed. Although this process is deceptively simple, it is actually far more secure than VoIP phone apps that typically use usernames and passwords, which can be cracked and hacked.

Trabel makes several bold claims about NoPBX … that it is the simplest cloud hosted PBX in South Africa, the easiest to set up, the quickest to set up and the easiest to manage, and has the lowest total cost of ownership. As an instant solution for any small business starting up, it certainly ticks all the boxes, especially as there are no contracts with NoPBX — the entire service is run on a month-to-month basis. It should be equally attractive to companies with staff members working remotely or from home, as no special connectivity setup is needed, and all users are automatically in contact with each other through their NoPBX, wherever they are located, at no extra cost.

For more information, or to get your NoPBX solution today, visit www.nopbx.co.za

About Trabel
Trabel (Pty) Ltd is a South African technology development company founded in 2019, based primarily in Cape Town and operational throughout South Africa. NoPBX is a fully hosted PBX-over-GSM solution, with Android and iOS connectivity. Scotty BusinessLine is a single business line telecommunications product from Trabel, driven by an Android smartphone app. More information can be found at www.trabel.co.za, www.nopbx.co.za and www.scottyapp.mobi.

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