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Promoted | The Internet price war is in full swing. Fibre network operator Evotel is joining the party with new and sustainable pricing and packages with no smoke-and-mirrors promotions.

Vumatel will introduce a new, 200Mbit/s fibre-to-the-home offering on 1 August, according to several Internet service providers. The company itself is not saying anything – a spokesman was unable to comment

Afrihost said on Tuesday that it is entering the fibre-to-the-home market using the infrastructure deployed by Vumatel, Telkom’s Openserve and TT Connect, a fibre provider on Johannesburg’s East Rand. Now, the company has

Afrihost, the Internet service provider best known for its aggressively priced digital subscriber line and mobile data products, is belatedly entering the fibre-to-the-home broadband market. The company said on

A day after shaking the local Internet market by providing capped digital subscriber line (DSL) users with 18 hours a day of unlimited Internet access, Afrihost has announced it is chopping uncapped DSL prices. The price of Afrihost’s

Internet service provider Afrihost’s management team, fresh from buying back the company from mobile operator MTN, is moving to shake up the fixed-line broadband market, providing capped digital subscriber line users 18 hours

Operationally, the time-suck on executive leadership from the Nigerian fine fallout had nothing to do with its other units across Africa and the Middle East. It’s always managed to run its “OpCos” quite independently, which arguably has a few more