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Telkom to open its exchanges to rivals

Telkom will open its telecommunications exchanges to Internet service providers using an open-access model in an effort to stimulate demand for fixed-line broadband in South Africa. “To further stimulate access to broadband, we will make making around

Duncan McLeod
Open up networks for cheaper mobile data

Internet service providers have done a commendable job of bringing down the cost of fixed-line broadband in South Africa. Although the actual connection fees to Telkom remain high (thanks to Telkom’s monopoly over the “last mile” into homes), the price of uncapped and

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How much MTN really paid for Afrihost

MTN has disclosed for the first time how much it paid to acquire Afrihost, and it’s not quite as high as earlier reports suggested. The mobile operator said on Wednesday in its annual financial results that it shelled out R408m to acquire 50% (plus one share) of the Internet

ISPs demand wholesale mobile data

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa) has called on South Africa’s telecommunications operators to bring down the cost of mobile broadband by introducing wholesale mobile data products that ISPs can resell. “Ispa argues that the absence

Big changes at Afrihost

Afrihost is likely to end its popular double data promotion for fixed and mobile broadband, but has decided to launch a new subscription service called Afrihost Plus+ that will give its users access to streaming music and guaranteed access to double data. At the same time, the company, which recently sold

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TalkCentral: Ep 116 – ‘Urbanus’

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another episode of TalkCentral, TechCentral’s weekly podcast. This week, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg discuss Telkom’s interim financial results, looking specifically at the sharp decline

Afrihost explains ongoing network problems

Afrihost subscribers who buy broadband ADSL bandwidth from the company have complained vociferously in recent weeks about problems achieving advertised speeds using the Internet service provider’s backbone, with many saying the experience has fallen far short of expectations. The company’s CEO, Gian Visser

MTN, Afrihost deal clears final hurdle

The Competition Tribunal has approved MTN’s acquisition of a majority 50% stake in Internet service provider Afrihost without attaching any conditions to the deal. The approval follows the recommendation last week

MTN, Afrihost deal gets regulatory nod

The Competition Commission has recommended the approval of MTN’s acquisition of a majority stake in Afrihost. It won’t impose any conditions on its support of the deal, it said on Wednesday. TechCentral reported in early June that the

Industry consolidation gathers pace

Vodacom is going to face an uphill battle in its attempt to get regulatory approval for its R7bn acquisition of Neotel. Its competitors, who are already publicly questioning the legality of the deal, are likely to lobby for it to be scuppered or at the very least have strict conditions imposed on it. “It will be challenged