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Duncan McLeod
A wasted decade in SA broadband

A full-blown price war has erupted in fixed-line broadband in SA. Internet service providers are racing to outdo each other to provide unmetered bandwidth cheaper. This is great for consumers and the economy, but it should have happened 10 years ago.

Q&A with Afrihost CEO Gian Visser

On Tuesday afternoon, Internet service provider Afrihost announced it was leaping feet first into SA’s rapidly escalating fixed-line broadband price war. Though it was partly in…

Afrihost fires new salvo in broadband war

Internet service provider Afrihost has become the fourth Internet service provider to introduce cut-price ADSL bandwidth, undercutting the price of uncapped products announced by MWeb last…

Afrihost throws its hat into the ring

The company that in many respects started SA’s broadband price war, Afrihost, says it will introduce low-cost and uncapped broadband packages from early next week. And…

MWeb throws down gauntlet to rivals

MWeb, part of media group Naspers, has thrown down the gauntlet to its rivals in the Internet service provider market, slashing the price of fixed-line broadband,…

Duncan McLeod
Time to unbundle the local loop

SA consumers got their first taste of a broadband price war last week when a small Internet service provider, Afrihost, slashed the price of bandwidth to below cost. It’s a promising start, but matters little until Telkom is forced to open its network to rivals. It was a ballsy move. Last week, Afrihost cut the cost of fixed-line bandwidth on broadband digital subscriber lines to just R29/GB. To put that in perspective, the average selling price for this type of bandwidth has, until now, been R50-R70/GB

Broadband price war on the cards?

Internet service provider Afrihost has set the proverbial cat among the pigeons by slashing its broadband prices to below cost in what could mark the start…

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