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Oh, the irony! Apple is one of the few companies in the mobile industry that doesn’t have a booth at Mobile World Congress, but its CEO has been named by the GSM Association, which organises the annual cellphone confab, as this year’s “personality of the year”. Other awards went to Research in Motion for its new BlackBerry Enterprise Server, to HTC

For people who don’t use Windows, the day that Microsoft’s grip on the desktop is broken can’t come soon enough. The reason is simple: the technical divide created by the dominance of one operating system means that people who choose to use something different face constant discrimination

Gartner analyst Will Hahn returns to the show this week, joining Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod and Simon Dingle for a chat about Telkom’s recent Sat-3 troubles, interconnection, mobile data, Microsoft vs Google vs Apple and much more

The CEO of Kuwait-based pan-African and Middle Eastern mobile group Zain has resigned. “Saad Al Barrak has handed in his resignation to the chairman of the board and the chairman will present the resignation to board members to look into the matter,” Zain, also known as the Mobile Telecommunications Co, said in a statement.

Steven Ambrose of World Wide Worx Strategy makes his first appearance on the ZA Tech Show this week, joining Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod and Simon Dingle to discuss the launch of the Apple iPad (and a few other things)

Microsoft’s quarterly net income has jumped 60%, thanks mainly to strong sales of Windows 7, its latest desktop operating system release. Cost cutting also helped boost the profit number after sales rose 14%. The performance narrowly beat analysts expectations of a 59% improvement

Finally, it’s here. Steve Jobs has showed his hand by introducing the iPad (no, not the iSlate), a tablet computer that the Apple CEO hopes will change the way people read books, play videogames and access the Internet