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BMW packs technology into its new 5-Series

BMW’s new 5-Series sedan can drive itself at speeds as fast as 210km/h, turn up the radio with the wave of a hand and warn other cars of fog. But you might not know it has all that gadgetry by looking at it. While BMW has packed one

TalkCentral: Ep 159 – ‘Grey Friday’

On TalkCentral this week, we chat Black Friday. But not for long, because there’s real news, too – like MTN vowing to take market share from Vodacom and Cell C’s BEE shareholder suing it over the planned restructuring. Also this week, the

Global petrol demand has peaked

After fuelling the 20th century car culture that reshaped cities and defined modern life, petrol has had its day. The International Energy Agency forecasts that global petrol consumption has all but peaked as more efficient cars and the

Apple in talks with car maker McLaren

Apple, ramping up efforts to disrupt the transportation industry, is seeking a stake in luxury car maker McLaren and is in talks to buy Lit Motors, an electric motorbike start-up, people with knowledge of the matter

Ford’s driverless cars here in 5 years

Ford Motor Co, which put the world on wheels a century ago, is now taking the driver out of the driver’s seat. The company said it plans to have a fully autonomous vehicle – no steering wheel and no accelerator or brake

BMW self-driving car on the road in five years

BMW is teaming up with chip maker Intel and camera software company Mobileye to bring self-driving cars to the road by 2021, becoming the first major automaker to set a specific date to produce a fully autonomous vehicle. The technology

The best company in the world to work for

Internet giant Google is the most desirable employer globally, according to survey by more than 267 000 millennials. Universum’s Talent Survey asked business and engineering/IT students in the world’s 12 largest economies to choose their

BMW in race to build car of the future

BMW is accelerating plans to acquire technology expertise in a race with the likes of Apple and Google to make cars smart enough to react like human drivers. The German automaker is pushing to acquire start-ups, partner with