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Zuma’s time is fast running out

The clock is ticking on President Jacob Zuma’s scandal-ridden administration as his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, flexes his political muscles and shows he’s increasingly wielding state power to stamp out corruption and revive the

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Zuma must obey ANC decisions: Ramaphosa

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday night that while Jacob Zuma’s government must obey the decisions of the party, he doesn’t want to “humiliate” the president and divide the nation. Ramaphosa, speaking in a

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Zuma stays, for now

Jacob Zuma has retained his hold on South Africa’s presidency, defying speculation that he’d be forced to make way for his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, who won control of the ruling party last month. The option of toppling Zuma wasn’t

How fake news and Elon Musk sent the rand haywire

What happens when fevered foreign-exchange speculation meets fake news at the same time a satellite that shares the name of South Africa’s president goes missing? You get the South African rand on Tuesday, which suddenly spiked more than

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Ramaphosa’s plan to fix SA’s economy

After winning a bruising battle for control of South Africa’s ruling party, deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa now faces an even more daunting task: rebuilding an economy battered by years of misrule, corruption and the appointment

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Make-or-break moment for SA as ANC decides

Almost a quarter of a century after Nelson Mandela led the ANC to power at the end of apartheid and the world heralded the birth of the “rainbow nation”, South Africa stands at a crossroads. As delegates of the ANC meet this weekend

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