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‘Fragile’ winter for power supply

Limiting Eskom’s electricity tariff hike to 8% is likely to have far-reaching implications, public enterprises minister Malusi Gigaba said on Monday. “While the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s [Nersa’s] decision … is welcomed, the implications of the lower tariffs and revenue approved on Eskom’s

Nersa slaps down Eskom’s R8bn plea

By May this year, Eskom will have paid businesses at least R2,9bn to cut back on power usage in a bid to prevent blackouts. Had the National Energy Regu­lator of South Africa (Nersa) not rejected its request for provision to be made for an R8bn, five-year buy-back project, the amount, over a seven-year period, would

Inside Eskom’s sweetheart BHP deal

Eskom sells 9% of its electricity to BHP Billiton’s two aluminium smelters at less than one-fifth of the tariff paid by other consumers, Beeld reported on Friday. The preferential tariffs for the two smelters, Hillside in Richards Bay and Mozal in Maputo, allow the two loss-making smelters to be sustained while the rest of

Nersa ‘no’ to Eskom 16% tariff hike

Eskom has been granted an 8%/year electricity tariff hike for the next five years, significantly below the 16% it was seeking, the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) said on Thursday. The power utility quickly spoke out against Nersa’s decision, saying the the approved tariff hike will

New Age hits back over Telkom report

The New Age CEO Nazeem Howa hit back on Monday morning at a weekend newspaper report that partially state-owned telecommunications operator Telkom was its top advertiser. “It’s similar to the patronising and racist mindset of some of opposition politicians who imply that the senior executives

Telkom splurges millions on Gupta paper

Telkom invested R34m in advertising in The New Age newspaper from December 2011 to November 2012, City Press reported on Sunday. The most recent Nielsen Adex report revealed that Telkom, which is 39,8% owned by the government, was the top advertiser in The New Age during

Ex-Eskom director slams tariff hikes

A former Eskom executive director on Wednesday shot down the energy provider’s proposal for an annual 16% electricity price hike for the next five years. Mike Deats said Eskom had failed to address some important issues in its Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD) 3 report, which could

Electricity demand unchanged for six years

Electricity demand has remained static, requiring an urgent change in future energy plans, National Planning Commission member Anton Eberhard said on Wednesday. “Electricity demand today is still at 2007 levels. It’s unprecedented. In the entire history of the electricity industry in South Africa

Tariff hikes the only way – Eskom

Economic models show it is better and fairer for tariffs — not taxes — to pay for electricity, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) heard on Tuesday. If electricity was sold at the “right price”, it would be used more efficiently, so less would have to be invested in new generating capacity, Eskom

Dirk de Vos
Break up Eskom, for all our sakes

Our economy and its industrial base is power intensive and South Africa has one of the highest power consumption-to-unit of gross domestic product ratios anywhere. Cheap and abundant energy has, for a long time, represented our comparative advantages and shaped our economy. It has allowed South Africa to avoid

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