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Alistair Fairweather
Tech giants chase VR, AI riches

What do Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung all have in common? Sure, all six are technology companies, but the similarity runs much deeper. All six are now battling with each other to dominate the next wave of technology innovation

Facebook Reactions means more data to mine

Facebook has decided that the Like button is not expressive enough and is going to add five new icons, called “Reactions”, that it calls “angry, sad, wow, haha and love”. Reactions have been tested with users in a number of different countries, while Facebook observed how they

Hilton Tarrant
Mobile operators have an SMS addiction

Let’s start at a common point of departure: the mere notion of mobile operators hoping that so-called “over-the-top” services be regulated is insanity. One can understand how an operator and its executives can think this rational, though. After all, an operator only knows how

Nathan Jeffery
Vodacom, MTN want to break the Internet

As you might have seen, the networks are at it again, on a drive to get the government to regulate Web services, which these network operators like to call “over-the-top” providers. Regulating Internet services will have a huge ripple effect throughout

Why SA’s big telcos are running scared

The growing pressure on margins as telecommunications moves from a voice-driven industry to one where data is predominant is the main reason South Africa’s incumbent mobile operators are keen for so-called “over the top” providers like WhatsApp and Skype to be

Cell C to zero-rate WhatsApp calls

Thumbing a nose at its competitors in the raging debate over “over the top” (OTT) services, mobile operator Cell C has announced it will provide free WhatsApp calling to some of its customers. However, the offer is limited in that it will only be available

Cell C warns against OTT regulation

South Africa’s third largest mobile network, Cell C, says that possible local regulation of over-the-top (OTT) services such as WhatsApp and Skype could harm the industry and consumers. OTT services – which range from WhatsApp to Skype and

Editor's pick
Why undermining encryption is an awful idea

Western governments, notably the UK and the US, are pushing the software industry to open “backdoors” into our encrypted communications. The argument touted by government agencies for nearly 20 years is that terrorists use strong encryption to hide their communications, therefore we should ban strong

Parliament to probe OTT services

Parliament’s portfolio committee on telecommunications & postal services has set aside a full day later this month to probe so-called “over the top” (OTT) services to determine whether policy interventions are required to govern them. OTT services include the likes

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