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Mxit users remain ‘loyal’

Users of home-grown mobile messaging platform Mxit remain highly loyal to the platform, despite the fact that the service was recently supplanted by Facebook as the country’s biggest social network, according to what World Wide Worx and Fuseware are calling a “final analysis” of their “SA Social Media

Alistair Fairweather
Twitter takes flight

It began in 2006 as a pretty stupid idea: a service that let you post public messages on the Internet but limited them to 140 characters. Seven years later, Twitter has burrowed deep into the fabric of parts of society. Its highly anticipated initial public offering provides a fascinating glimpse

Duncan McLeod
The astonishing rise of Naspers

Naspers is within a whisker of smashing through R1 000/share for the first time and reaching a market capitalisation of R400bn thanks to an 80%-plus surge in its share price in the past 12 months. The growth in its value in recent years has been nothing short of

Editor's pick
Rivalry keeps Google from evil: Doctorow

Writer and activist Cory Doctorow says competition keeps Google behaving ethically because it believes there are benefits to be had. However, as it moves into sectors where it faces fewer rivals this may not always be the case. “In the areas where Google actively competes

Facebook knocks Mxit from its perch

Until now the largest social network in South Africa, Mxit, which claims to have 7,4m active monthly users, has been knocked from the top spot by Facebook, with an estimated 9,4m active users, a number the researchers say may actually be on the conservative side

SA gov’t requests Facebook data

The South African government had over the past year submitted 14 requests to Facebook and three to Google to get information about certain users, Beeld reported. Facebook did not grant any of the requests, and Google granted one request, after receiving a court order in a case involving defamation

Tencent boom for Naspers

Naspers’s decision, 12 years ago, to buy a stake in Chinese instant-messaging, entertainment and online advertising company Tencent continues to pay big dividends for the South African-headquartered media and technology group. Financial results published on Tuesday

How New Zealand became tech hotbed

When Google chose New Zealand to unveil secret plans for a balloon-driven Wi-Fi network last weekend, it cemented the country’s reputation as a test bed for global technology companies looking to trial their latest innovations, industry experts say. They said New Zealand

Craig Wilson
But does it have Instagram?

“It’s all about the ecosystem.” That’s a catchphrase much bandied about these days. For mobile device manufacturers, having a range of quality software is as important as the hardware. Perhaps even more important. Two companies, Finland’s Nokia and Canada’s

Alistair Fairweather
Facebook Home, the Trojan Horse

For a company with a billion customers, Facebook can be quite stealthy. Its latest product, Facebook Home, could convert tens of millions of Android-powered phones into Facebook portals constantly connected to its services simply by encouraging users to install a piece of software. By doing so, Facebook has wheeled a

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