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Craig Wilson
In defence of Apple and the iPhone 4S

One look at the wild speculation that preceded Apple’s announcement on Tuesday of the iPhone 4S and the latest incarnation of its mobile operating system, iOS 5, is enough to tell you that everyone was expecting more. And with Apple’s share

Alistair Fairweather
Is MXit worth the money?

Alan Knott-Craig Jr is looking for attention. He wants so much of it, in fact, that he’s just bought the attention of 40m people in 120 countries. Yes, I’m talking about the MXit acquisition. Last week, in a completely unexpected move, Knott-Craig swooped in and bought Africa’s biggest social

Shake-up for SA’s ticketing industry

SA’s ticketing industry is about to get a kick up the backside because of a new technology that will allow artists, venues and other entertainment suppliers to sell tickets directly to fans and punters via their Facebook pages and websites. The

The state of telecoms in Africa

Africa’s road to high-speed broadband is being achieved in leaps and bounds. Every week brings news of another piece of the jigsaw fitting into place. This week it’s the completion of the national fibre backbone in one of Africa’s larger markets. However, there’s still

Duncan McLeod
Vodacom’s trampled berries

Vodacom provoked an online backlash from consumers this week when it said it would throttle bandwidth for heavy users of the popular BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). It says it’s protecting its users, but are the limitations it’s imposing too harsh? When Vodacom announced

Twitter as media watchdog

The saga of the Sunday Times Facebook racist story has taught us one thing: we don’t need a media tribunal when we have Twitter. Whatever the merits of the case – and the Sunday Times has argued vociferously to its detractors that there were several merits to publishing a

Why social media should matter to business

Matthew Fraser, a British-Canadian former journalist and now self-styled Web 2.0 strategist and new media expert, says that the world is living in a “reset economy” where the Internet and social media are “redefining how we manage people

SA social network takes flight

Hazyview, Mpumalanga-based Vincent Mabuza, 23, is a candidate attorney with a passion for technology. He’s started a service called that allows users to ask one another questions anonymously. Launched in May, the service is enjoying explosive growth and already

The iCEO has left the building

There are plenty of reasons why Steve Jobs is one of the most recognised personalities in business. But chief among them is the fact that he’s credited with having saved Apple and then turning it into the most valuable technology company in the

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