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Alistair Fairweather
Real names, real problems

The folks who run Google+ want you to just be yourself. In fact they’re so serious about you being yourself, that they will kick you off their playground unless you use your real name. How do they know if your name is real? Well, it’s obvious, right?

Justin McCarthy
Groupon or Groupcon?

Andrew Mason is the young, fresh-faced founder of Groupon, the fastest growing start-up in history. Fresh-faced youngsters running tech start-ups are hardly a rare breed in Silicon Valley, but Mason is a native of Pittsburgh and Groupon is based in Chicago, both a far cry

Alistair Fairweather
Microsoft’s Mango is unexpectedly sweet

I’m not the biggest fan of Microsoft. I’ve made that pretty clear over the years. The company has spent a decade in various degrees of stagnation, largely thanks to keeping Uncle Fester’s evil twin as its CEO. It has made a string of expensive and stupid acquisitions

Google+ and the privacy question

I’ve been using Google+ for a few days now and, despite being a “limited field test”, it has a brilliant approach to privacy. If you are unfamiliar with Google+, it’s Google’s latest attempt to offer an alternative to Facebook. Google

Google+: Facebook killer or doomed copycat?

There’s been a lot of hoopla since Google+ went live last week. As with previous Google products, the only way to try it out before its public release is to get an invite. Those have become so coveted that invitations even popped up for sale on eBay

Alistair Fairweather
Is the Web dying?

For an industry focused on the future of information, the Internet is surprisingly prone to old fashioned maladies such as superstition, rumour and wild speculation. We’ve heard the latest doomsday prediction before — the World Wide Web

Social media won’t overthrow dictators – Tsedu

Social media tools and the Internet will play little role in overthrowing repressive governments in Southern Africa. That’s the view of veteran newspaper editor Mathatha Tsedu, who was speaking to a gathering of African journalists in

TalkCentral: Episode 39 – ‘Fruity’

Craig Wilson and Duncan McLeod are in the studio this week for a packed episode of TalkCentral, TechCentral’s business technology podcast. In episode 39, we look at Eskom’s load-shedding schedule, the appointment

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