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What WhatsApp deal means for WeChat

Facebook is stumping up US$19bn in cash and shares to buy popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp, which has 450m active monthly users and which is adding a million new users a month. The deal could have been driven, at least in part, by a “potentially massive threat from the

Mxit eyes Indian riches

Stellenbosch-based mobile messaging platform and social network Mxit is taking aim at the vast Indian market, launching the service in the south Asian powerhouse this week in the hope of dramatically expanding its reach. The South African team

Alistair Fairweather
Don’t blame the rich

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. It’s the phrase that’s launched a thousand editorials, most of them decrying the manifest evils of the insatiable 1%. But a large part of this increased inequality is driven not by greed or manipulation, but by technology

Dirk de Vos
SA must tackle net neutrality

The year has not started well for advocates of net neutrality, the idea that all data on the Internet should be treated equally, without discrimination. A US federal court struck down a key part of the Open Internet Order, a set of Federal Communications Commission regulations

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Tech companies confront Obama over NSA

Eight leading American technology companies have joined forces to demand changes be made to US surveillance laws, calling for current laws and practices to be reformed in light of revelations of mass surveillance of Internet users’ activities by the National Security Agency. In a letter

Alistair Fairweather
How the Internet is changing the world, again

When Roy Amara was president of The Institute for the Future, he famously remarked: “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” Looking at the current crop of start-ups now hitting their stride, it’s safe to say online

Duncan McLeod
Snapchat valuation points to new bubble

It emerged this week, in an article in the Wall Street Journal, that Snapchat, a Californian start-up that develops a smartphone app of the same name popular among teens, recently spurned a US$3bn-plus all-cash offer from Facebook to buy it out. The offer value was at least three times the already

Mxit reloads its cannons

Stellenbosch-based Mxit, the social mobile chat company now chaired by outgoing First National Bank CEO Michael Jordaan, has released version 7 of it social network for feature phones, with iPhone and iPad versions coming later in the week. The launch of Mxit 7 is

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This bird is set for take-off

Twitter has to be one of the more interesting modern-day concepts: a platform where people from all over the world can share ideas, thoughts and breaking news in bite-sized portions of up to 140 characters. Apart from being a means for celebrities to

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