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Facebook’s Free Basics is no charity

Who could possibly be against free Internet access? This is the question that Mark Zuckerberg asks in a piece for the Times of India in which he claims Facebook’s Free Basics service “protects net neutrality”. Free Basics is the rebranded, a Facebook operation where

New Year glitches hit WhatsApp

If you were experiencing any problems with the messaging service WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, you were not alone. Users across the globe complained that their WhatsApp messages weren’t going through. Some of them thought that is was connection

Jason Norwood-Young
My year of Slack

I tried an experiment this year: no airtime. In some ways it was like jumping back 20 years, to that time where you couldn’t just pick up the phone wherever you were and call someone. I had to make an effort, find a landline, or steal my wife’s phone. My wife told

#ZumaMustFall unites thousands on social media

Social media has united thousands of South Africans who are calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down from his position as number one citizen. This comes after a number of shuffles in the vital ministry of finance were made this past week. In the latest change

Editor's pick
Mark Zuckerberg to give away his billions

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is to emulate fellow billionaires, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett, by giving away most of his amassed fortune to worthy causes. In a post on Facebook on Tuesday, celebrating the birth of his daughter

SA’s biggest firms failing at social media

JSE-listed companies are not making sufficient use of Twitter as a platform to help people, including those in the financial community, get a better understanding of their businesses. That’s the finding of new research by FTI Consulting, which evaluates

Vodacom wants WhatsApp regulated

South Africa’s biggest mobile network Vodacom wants a regulatory approach to data-driven over-the-top applications such as Facebook-owned WhatsApp. WhatsApp has grown to over 10m

Mxit closure no surprise: analyst

Local technology expert Arthur Goldstuck says he’s not surprised at Mxit’s commercial closure. On Friday, Mxit announced that it is shutting down its commercial operations and donating all of its intellectual property and technology assets to independent public

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