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Yahoo vs Facebook: making a tough job harder

When you can’t beat them, sue them. That seems to be the modus operandi of Yahoo, a former Web star whose fondness for lawyers has grown as its commercial fortunes have faded. On 12 March, the ailing company sued Facebook, alleging that the social networking giant had violated 10 patents that belong to it. Yahoo’s aggressive move has sparked

Has Google+ become a virtual ghost town?

The average Google+ user only spends an average of three minutes a month on the social network, while MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter are all seeing more time spent per user each month, according to research firm comScore. In a scathing Wall Street Journal report titled “The Mounting Minuses at Google+”, the case

Facebook ad growth may have peaked

Facebook is set for a record-shattering initial public offering and, according to a new report, it will bring in more than US$5bn in advertising revenue this year. But Facebook’s financial future may not be as bright as the eye-popping figure would at first suggest. 2011 was a banner year for Facebook in terms of advertising revenue

Will Twitter ever be a contender in online ad war?

For years, Google and Facebook have been waging trench warfare for big-brand advertising budgets. Billions of dollars are up for grabs, and since this money constitutes the bulk of revenue for both companies, the stakes are high. Twitter, which last week launched a self-service ad platform, is a relative

Craig Wilson
At $100bn, odds are Facebook’s a bad bet

Last week, Facebook took the first step to becoming a public company by filing its S-1 documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Enormous figures are being bandied about but, as with Google, which listed the year Facebook was founded, the question investors

Floating Facebook: the value of friendship

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and chief executive, has talked for years about the notion of a “social graph” which connects people to their friends and all of the things they are interested in. By encouraging hundreds of millions of people to share their deeds and reveal their

Why a Facebook phone could make sense

One of the biggest risks Facebook listed in Wednesday’s high-profile filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission was “mobile .” The company hasn’t quite figured out what to do with advertising on phones, so it could struggle to bring in the bank as more users choose phones

Facebook: a fistful of dollars

It all began as a lark. Mark Zuckerberg posted pictures of his fellow Harvard students online to let viewers comment on who was hot and who was not. Eight years later, Facebook is one of the hottest companies in the world. On 1 February the social network

Alistair Fairweather
The $100bn question

Just over a year ago I asked whether Facebook was really worth US$50bn. On Thursday I got my answer: no, it’s worth more like $100bn. After years of flirting with the market, Facebook has finally opened its kimono and started the process of offering its shares for public trading. On 1 February

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