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Talk takes over typing

With the recent acquisition by Facebook of voice-recognition company, all four major players in the post-PC market – Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook – now have a significant infrastructure for hands-free communication with your device. But what will that

Why David Cameron’s wrong on encryption

British Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that the UK government will look at “switching off” some forms of encryption in order to make society safer from terror attacks. This might make a grand statement

Internet hoaxes flourish on Facebook

With somewhere in the region of 1,3bn users, Facebook is the largest ever Internet social engagement phenomenon. With so many people interconnected through the site, information can speedily propagate around the world – without any clear indication whether

Your life is Facebook’s business model

Facebook’s recent apology for its Year in Review feature, which had displayed to a grieving father images of his dead daughter, highlights again the tricky relationship between the social media behemoth and its users’ data. The free service Facebook offers to its

Andy Marken
Old Hollywood battles the tech upstarts

As long as you don’t think about it too hard, today’s entertainment is great. Think just a little and it’s actually amazing — you can watch it in a theatre; on your television set (old-fashioned pay TV or “over the top” on the Internet); and on your computer, tablet and smartphone

International Newsmakers of 2014

As is customary at this time of the year, TechCentral is pleased to present its lists of who it considers are the biggest technology newsmakers over the past 12 months, both internationally and in South Africa. We kick it off, as always

Dirk de Vos
What operators should really do about OTTs

For some time now, the ongoing debate between over-the-top providers on one side and network operators on the other returns like a comet in an elliptical orbit. Each time it returns, the stakes appear to be higher as this “comet” gets closer and threatens to crash into planet ICT. MTN South Africa

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The Internet space race is on

Cabling the world to spread Internet access is an expensive and time-consuming process, especially when taking to the skies for wireless coverage is far easier. That’s why Google, Facebook and now Elon Musk’s SpaceX are all heading towards the stars to set up systems that should cover the globe in Internet connectivity

Facebook expands free access to Kenya

Kenya has become the third African country after Zambia and Tanzania to get the Facebook-led application, giving Airtel customers in that country zero-rated access to a range of services, including Facebook, Wikipedia, Daily Nation, SuperSport and BBC News. Speaking at the opening keynote

Facebook has sympathy for operators

Facebook and other so-called over-the-top service providers cannot put propositions on the table that are not profitable for mobile operators and doing so would be “contrary to our goal”. That’s the view of Chris Daniels, who heads, the Facebook-led initiative to bring affordable Internet

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