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Kenyan capital Nairobi has emerged as a “serious tech hub” and may become Africa’s technology leader, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said this week. Schmidt visited Kenya’s iHub innovation hub last week during a whirlwind visit to Africa that also included stops in South Sudan, Chad, Nigeria and Rwanda

Since it bought out Ericsson’s stake in its mobile phone joint venture, Sony has been confined largely to playing catch-up in the smartphone market. Its devices have been good, but they’ve lacked the sort of cutting-edge innovation and aggressive marketing that have made Samsung Electronics the

4K resolution television, which displays on-screen images four times as detailed as current-generation high-definition sets, is set to be the big emerging trend in television technology in 2013 judging by announcements at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Sony, Samsung Electronics

JSE-listed technology group Altech has entered into a formal business relationship with China’s Huawei. Under the “value-added partner” agreement, Altech will provide Huawei Enterprise products, services and support in countries across Southern and East

While many emerging markets have seen sales of dual-Sim mobile phones flourishing, giving device manufacturers like China’s ZTE and Huawei the chance to gain a foothold with innovative new devices, the market for dual Sims in SA remains negligible

Huawei says it has won contracts to provide new backhaul networks for Movicel in Angola and MTC in Namibia, both of which plan to launch among the continent’s first commercial long-term evolution (LTE) networks. The Chinese company has already been instrumental in the

It sounds trite, but in the growing litany of lawsuits between the world’s major consumer electronics manufacturers, the only real winners are the lawyers. Although patents have a place, particularly in the early days of any new technology, they’re ill-equipped to deal with one of the inevitable consequences of innovation: the best

With hype building once again ahead of the launch of the next iPhone, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the world doesn’t revolve around the fruity company in California. The new iPhone — or whatever it’s eventually called — is guaranteed saturation coverage in the next few weeks leading up to a rumoured 12 September

It’s hard to think that just 15 years ago, Apple was staring bankruptcy in the face. What followed, under the leadership of Steve Jobs, has become one of the most celebrated turnaround stories in modern business. At more than US$550bn, Apple today is the biggest listed company on the planet by market value

Fledgling fibre-to-the-home infrastructure provider LinkAfrica Group, formerly known as i3 Africa, is finally ready to begin its trial network in Umhlanga, north of Durban, and is also gearing up to begin rolling out fibre in Pretoria and Cape Town. In March 2011, TechCentral