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Billionaire Buffett ditches IBM for Apple

Berkshire Hathaway bought an additional 75m shares of Apple in the first quarter, while dumping its remaining stake in IBM, chairman Warren Buffett said in a CNBC interview. The Apple purchase, which would have

Big Blue struggles with turnaround

IBM’s one-quarter growth streak is already in doubt. Shares of the technology company fell in early trading after it reported narrower profit margins and no revenue growth, excluding help from a weak US

It’s China vs US in new computing arms race

As the US and China threaten to impose tariffs on goods from aluminium to wine, the two nations are waging a separate economic battle that could determine who owns the next wave of computing. Chinese universities and US

Lenovo’s troubles may be far from over

In four years, Lenovo Group went from would-be Apple challenger to an also-ran in smartphones and data centre servers. Now it’s got a comeback plan, but some investors don’t buy it. China’s erstwhile tech darling

Nvidia now worth more than IBM

Nvidia said on Thursday that demand for graphics chips from its main video gaming market, cryptocurrency miners and data centre owners propelled sales higher than projected in the current quarter. Its shares surged in

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