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Communications minister Roy Padayachie has assured the JSE that it will not seek any special rights over Telkom that are in violation of the bourse’s rules and regulations

Government is keen to “entrench” certain of the special rights it enjoys in Telkom under its “class-A share” that expires on 5 March. Communications minister Roy Padayachie

Vox Telecom on Tuesday renewed a cautionary announcement, warning shareholders that it’s still involved in discussions that could affect its share price. The company

A battle over control of Telkom may be on the cards. Communications minister Roy Padayachie has warned that government does not want to lose the control it exercises over the JSE-listed group when special rights it enjoys expire early next year.

Trading on the cash equities market at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange was still halted by early Tuesday afternoon following a technical problem. It’s the second time in a month that technical problems have prevented trading on the local bourse. A similar closure on 12 July was attributed to an international connection problem between the stock exchange and MTN.

Telkom is facing a long and growing list of legal and regulatory challenges that could cost the JSE-listed telecommunications group billions of rand. Chief financial officer Peter Nelson says Telkom wants to put the problems behind it, but has vowed, where necessary, to fight off legal threats against it in court