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Another year is behind us, and 2013 was another important one in South Africa’s technology industry. We know what our favourite stories were in 2013, but which articles did you, TechCentral’s readers, click on the most. These are the pieces, in ascending order from 10 to one, that generated the most

I used to be one of those people. You know the type. Every time people mentioned how great their digital reader was, I would go on some long rambling explanation about how I don’t get e-readers and prefer the tangible experience of holding a book in my hands. I am no longer that person

Canadian e-reader manufacturer Kobo has launched its first product in South Africa, predicting it will challenge’s Kindle for dominance in SA by taking more than 50% of the market within the next 12 months. Kobo has launched its first e-reader device in

Google’s Android Market, Apple’s App Store, Nokia’s Ovi Store and BlackBerry’s App World together offer hundreds of thousands of free and pay-for apps. But finding the diamonds in the rough is often hard. These are some of my free favourites that run on both Android

US e-retailer has released the first major software update for its popular Kindle e-reader since it unveiled the Kindle 3 last year. The new software introduces

Worldwide sales of network-connected e-readers are forecast to reach 6,6m units in 2010, up 79,8% from 2009 sales of 3,6m units, says research firm Gartner. That growth will continue into next

When Apple announced the iPad tablet computer earlier this year, some analysts wondered if that spelt the end for’s Kindle e-reader. On the contrary, the next-generation Kindle is flying out of Amazon’s warehouses.