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Samsung warned this week that its earnings in its most recent financial quarter were likely to have tumbled by as much as 26,5% – the third straight quarter of decline – in part because of a glut of unsold smartphones and growing competition from Chinese manufacturers. These must be troubling times for the

Has LG Electronics just out-Samsunged Samsung? On Tuesday, the smaller of the two fierce rivals of Korean consumer electronics took the wraps off the G3, the successor to its highly regarded G2, which it released in 2013. In at least one respect, LG has leapt ahead of its bigger rival: the G3’s 5,5-inch display is 2K

Korea’s Samsung Electronics this week began selling its latest flagship handset, the highly anticipated Galaxy S5. Early reviews are already in and, although largely positive, some reviewers are asking if the insane pace of innovation in the smartphone industry in

Mobile World Congress (MWC) was dominated by prominent new smartphones from heavyweights Samsung, Nokia and Sony, with most revealing new and flagship handsets, but some, like Nokia, choosing instead to focus on more affordable devices aimed at emerging markets. Although Taiwan’s HTC did not

Self-tracking, body hacking, life-logging, wearables, the quantified self — you may have heard these terms being thrown around a lot in the past year thanks to companies such as Fitbit, Nike+ and Jawbone. It was these three companies that were largely

HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Apple, Nokia, Huawei. The world’s big smartphone makers are all expected to unveil new flagship devices in 2014, many of them in the next few months. But what can consumers look forward to?

For many technophiles, 2013 was a slightly disappointing year. Sure, there were one or two groundbreaking launches (such as Google Glass), but for the most part it was a year of consolidation rather than raw innovation. This year is likely to be more exciting as several waves of long-awaited

Korea’s LG Electronics is not a manufacturer one normally associates with high-end smartphones. Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC and Nokia are key players already in the space, with LG, at best, seen as very much the new kid on the block. It may have taken several years, but

LG Electronics South Africa MD Il Hwan Lee has high hopes for the company’s newly launched top-line smartphone, the G2, but does the LG brand have a chance of succeeding in what is already a very crowded Android market? Entering the smartphone category years

It must be tough being LG Electronics sometimes. Despite building excellent appliances, televisions and mobile devices, the biggest name in electronics from Korea remains its main rival, Samsung. LG remains intent on outdoing Samsung, even if that means mimicry combined