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The ANC will come up with a comprehensive policy package to simultaneously boost growth, address racial inequality and tackle a 28% unemployment rate, a top party official said. The ANC is looking at “how you get growth, how you

President Jacob Zuma may maintain his political clout well after he relinquishes office if his ex-wife and mother of four of his children, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, succeeds him. While Zuma, 75, hasn’t openly anointed

President Jacob Zuma is taking a gamble as he ups the ante in his battle with his finance minister Pravin Gordhan for control of the nation’s finances. If he fires Gordhan, as he told Communist Party officials

President Jacob Zuma has warded off calls to resign over the scandals that have marred his administration and spread dissent in the ruling party largely thanks to a bloc of politicians known as the “premier league” that has his back. With urban voters deserting

South African President Jacob Zuma is facing renewed calls for his removal as senior leaders of the ANC, including two cabinet ministers, blamed him and his closest supporters for the party’s worst electoral

The Gupta family played an amateurish game in trying to capture the state, political analyst Somadoda Fikeni said on Thursday. “The Guptas, it’s their amateurish, grotesque, in your face, corrosive approach. They became way too excited about their proximity