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Telkom has signed a settlement agreement with the South African Communications Union (Sacu), bringing an end to a wage dispute with three trade unions that began in March. CEO Sipho Maseko says he’s “very pleased” the company has reached agreement with Sacu. “Just to be very open and frank, I think there were legitimate

Telkom has decided it will forge ahead and implement a wage agreement, despite protests Solidarity, one of three unions recognised by the telecommunications operator. Telkom has been in gridlock with two unions, Solidarity and the South African Communications Union (Sacu), for months. The Communication Workers

Telkom has hit back at allegations levelled against it by Solidarity spokesman Marius Croucamp, providing information it says shows that the trade union made false statements in a media interview on Thursday. Croucamp told TechCentral that Telkom CEO Sipho

Telkom and Solidarity appear headed for a showdown after the union accused the telecommunications operator’s CEO, Sipho Maseko, of “lying” when he said at a press conference on Thursday that Solidarity and another union, the South African Communications Union, were close to a wage

Trade union Solidarity on Friday took to social media to accuse Telkom of “playing dirty” and interfering with the union’s communications with its members. “Telkom wage talks: Telkom playing dirty as Telkom is blocking union’s electronic communication to its members,” the union said through its

Telkom has failed to reach an agreement with trade unions Solidarity and the South African Communications Union (Sacu) in a long-running wage dispute. Discussions reached deadlock on Friday, making it increasingly likely that Telkom will face industrial action. The wage dispute, which