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In-depth slams M-Net over digital TV

Free-to-air broadcaster has slammed M-Net for suggesting last week that the country would be better off scrapping plans to build set-top boxes for digital terrestrial television, saying the pay-TV operator is acting out of self-interest only. M-Net’s director for legal

Duncan McLeod
The show’s starting

Telkom did something last week no one thought it ever would: its Internet service provider, TelkomInternet, jumped onto the uncapped broadband bandwagon, adopting a market trend started 18 months ago by its rival, MWeb. The news came as a

Icasa to hold hearings on prospective DStv rival

Super 5 Media, the troubled wannabe pay-TV operator formerly known as Telkom Media, has not been granted an extension to a deadline to launch commercial services by the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) and the matter will now be heard at a public

The real reason Telkom went uncapped

Competition played a role in Telkom’s decision to launch uncapped fixed-line broadband services on Friday. But the main reason it’s going uncapped is that it plans to launch video-on-demand (VOD) services within the next year. The move — Telkom is at

New SA broadcast challenger edges closer to launch

Mobile TV, the company planning to introduce mobile television services in SA using Korea’s digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) standard, says it could be ready to start broadcasting commercially within three months in Gauteng. It is also planning to introduce SA’s

VOD:TV: new details emerge

SA’s newest television challenger, SouthTel Group’s VOD:TV, has revealed more details about its plans to launch a satellite-based video-on-demand service later this year. The company will go to market in partnership with mobile operators

MobileTV completes technical trials

Black-owned MobileTV, which hopes to launch a mobile television service in SA, has completed the technical tests using the Korean digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) in Gauteng, says founder and chairman Mothobi Mutloatse. Last week, MobileTV completed

Duncan McLeod
Transforming television

Televisions have been getting bigger, thinner, lighter and cheaper, offering consumers a high-definition and increasingly cinematic experience at home. But they have remained largely passive devices for consuming content. That may be about to

DStv BoxOffice launch: all the details

MultiChoice has launched DStv BoxOffice, its satellite-based movie rental service. The company will offer subscribers with personal video recorders the latest movies for rental for 48 hours for R25/movie. The service will be available to DStv Premium

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