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Nathaniel Borenstein: more stein than bore

Twenty years ago, on 11 March 1992, Nathaniel Borenstein sent the world’s first e-mail attachment. Although it created little excitement beyond the small group of people involved with the project, today Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions technology (Mime, for short) is used an estimated trillion times a day

Open source is more secure – Borenstein

Open-source software, where software code is open to inspection by anyone, is inherently more secure than proprietary software developed by companies like Microsoft. That’s the view of Nathaniel Borenstein

Nathaniel Borenstein
Outsource your paranoia

Trust is traditionally the antithesis of traditional security, where experts often consider “trust no one” the best working attitude. The job of the security professional, after all, is to counter the actions

Nathaniel Borenstein
A disturbance in the force

The Internet is quietly being replumbed. That shouldn’t surprise anyone involved with it; the Internet is always being replumbed. But you might be more surprised to learn that the next few years will bring an unusual burst of changes in that plumbing, some with great potential consequences for anyone who relies on the Net. By its plumbing, I’m referring to the protocols and software that make the core features of the Internet work. These have been evolving steadily since 1969, but I don’t think any period since the early 1980s has experienced as much change as we’ll see over the next few years.