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Roy Kruger, technical adviser to communications minister Dina Pule, says Telkom is set to stage a turnaround despite being overstaffed “like all government entities”. He says the Pule has submitted several proposals, including a recommendation, on the company’s future to cabinet. He

Australia’s mega broadband project, the National Broadband Network (NBN Co), has snapped up a top Telkom executive as its new head of network operations. Liesel Ramjoo, Telkom’s managing executive for network core operations, will leave the operator next month to take up the position at NBN Co. She has worked for

The Australian government is investing A$40bn (R325bn) in taking high-speed fibre-optic broadband infrastructure into more than 90% of that country’s homes. The project has the potential to transform Australia’s economy. Should SA try to emulate it? The land of kangaroos, gum trees, sheep and Shane Warne