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A competitor with a sharp edge. That appears to be the conclusion if the R7bn tie-up between Vodacom and Neotel goes ahead. While this will be good for investors in Vodacom, it might also be positive for the man

In a significant development, MTN has lodged objections at both communications regulator Icasa and the Competition Commission against Vodacom’s proposed R7bn acquisition of Neotel, putting a potentially big hurdle in the way of the conclusion of the deal. TechCentral has established that

Vodacom and Neotel have finally confirmed what the market has known for some time: that they are in discussions regarding a potential acquisition by the mobile operator of Tata Communications-controlled operator. The two parties say the talks revolve around Vodacom

India’s Tata Communications has rubbished talk that it plans to sell its South African subsidiary, telecommunications operator Neotel. Company spokesman Rozzyn Boy on Friday said Tata had no intention of selling the company. “We don’t have any plans to sell Neotel, no