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Hard times ahead for Apple

Apple’s share price, which peaked above US$132 a year ago, is now around $94. This is despite the news that Warren Buffett’s investment conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway had recently acquired more than 9,8m Apple shares. Since

Nokia’s back, baby!

Fans of the Nokia brand, rejoice! The once powerful cellphone maker is preparing a comeback – of sorts. The Finnish company, which sold its handset business to Microsoft – which in turn failed to make much

Nokia 230: the feature phone lives on

Feature phones dead? Microsoft is betting against it. The company has unveiled two new feature phones, the Nokia 230 and the Nokia 230 Dual Sim, which offer battery life of up to 27 days in standby mode. The two phones, which are expected to retail for

Samsung dominates SA smartphone market

Korean electronics giant Samsung is leaving its smartphone rivals in South Africa in its dust, according to market research. Samsung grew its local smartphone market share to 56,6%, well ahead of Vodacom’s smartphone brands at 7,6% and Huawei (6,9%), according to

SA’s top urban phone brands

Samsung is the dominant cellphone brand in the minds of urban consumers, according to new research by BMI-TechKnowledge. When asked what handset they would choose in the future, nearly a third of 1 500 survey respondents interviewed in metropolitan areas selected Samsung

The phone brands we love, and hate

Apple is the most loved mobile handset brand among South African consumers, followed by Nokia and Samsung, according to the latest independent South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) conducting by Consulta. For the research, more than

Apple Watch sales have stalled

This week brought news of the challenge Apple faces with dwindling sales of the Apple Watch. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also pulled the plug on its smartphone business purchased from Nokia

Nokia scoops up Alcatel in €15,6bn deal

Finland’s Nokia has agreed to purchase France’s Alcatel-Lucent for US$16,6bn. The deal will allow them to compete more effectively with market leader Ericsson and fast-growing Chinese rivals Huawei and ZTE. The boards of both companies have approved

Nokia in talks to buy Alcatel-Lucent

Nokia – or what’s left of it after Microsoft bought its handset business – has revealed that it is in “advanced discussions” with Alcatel-Lucent with a view to buying the France-headquartered telecommunications equipment maker. The potential deal with

BlackBerry dead? Don’t tell Africa

Far from being dead, BlackBerry could be set for something of a resurgence in Africa, with a significant percentage of consumers in five major markets indicating they may favour the brand when it comes time to buy their next phone. Nokia, on the other hand, is

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