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Gran Turismo 5: the long and grinding road

Gran Turismo 5, the latest release in Sony’s multimillion-selling car simulator franchise, makes it clear from the outset that it is a game designed for the most dedicated of petrolheads. After keeping

3D moves E3

Motion controls and 3D will dominate your gaming experience in the years to come if the major console manufacturers have their way. Nintendo and Sony used…

Hi, it’s Wii again

Microsoft has moved to claim the high ground for its Xbox 360 line-up ahead of the official opening of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on Tuesday in Los Angeles by announcing launch details for its “Project Natal” motion-controlled interface at two separate press events. The software giant told expo delegates that its motion-sensing camera

Duncan McLeod
Why 3D TV will be a smash hit

Television is going 3D. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG Electronics, Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony are in a race to bring 3D-ready flat-screen panels to market. Is 3D a gimmick in TV or it is the future of the medium?

ZA Tech Show: Episode 101

Two first-timers join the ZA Tech Show panel this week: stand-up comedian and co-founder of Thunk! Perspective Lab, Don Packett, and chief technology officer of the Johannesburg…

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