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Elon Musk expressed confidence about Tesla achieving the next production goal for its crucial Model 3, predicting that manufacturing will become a strength for the electric car maker over time. The CEO said it’s

If you’ve ever driven Tesla’s flagship vehicle – the $140 000 Model S P100D – you’ve experienced an unparalleled version of driving power. Zero to 100km/h in 2.3s punches you back in the seat while making the stomach

Five hundred kilometres. That’s the electric range of a $44 000 version of Tesla’s Model 3, unveiled in its final form on Friday night. It’s a jaw-dropping new benchmark for cheap range in an electric car, and it’s just one of several

It’s finally here: the Model 3, Tesla’s $35 000 electric game changer. A single black Model 3 rolled off the production line on Friday with a serial number all its own, kicking off a company-defining six months. The car will belong to Elon Musk, Tesla’s

Tesla’s mission-critical Model 3 will start production on Friday before beginning a rapid ramp-up targeting a rate of 20 000/month in December. “Expecting to complete” the first car on Friday, CEO Elon Musk wrote in a late-night tweet

One year ago this week, Elon Musk took to a stage to unveil his most important vehicle yet: the US$35 000 Model 3. The electric five-seater accelerates as fast as the the best-selling luxury sport sedans in America

Elon Musk needs to raise at least US$1,1bn more to bring his more affordable Model 3 to market. His believers, along with investors who buy into the vision of Tesla, could hardly be happier. After burning through cash in late 2016 and warning