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Telkom debuts new voice tariffs


Telkom has introduced a range of voice bundles for its mobile subscribers that offer in-bundle calls for as little as 12c/minute.

The idea is that once customers have used up their available monthly voice allocation, they can buy bundles at an in-bundle rate instead of having to go out-of-bundle at a higher rate, the company said.

The move reduces the need for customers to switch between calling plans, especially when on contract, Telkom said.

Subscribers can buy once-off or recurring voice bundles. The bundles are available to post-paid, top-up and prepaid users.

Voice bundles come in three variants: all-network minutes, Telkom mobile minutes and Telkom fixed-line minutes (see table below). Billing is done per second from the first second of a call.


Once-off voice minutes bundles expire at the end of the next calendar month from the date of activation. Recurring voice bundles carry over to accumulate to a maximum of six months.

International calling is excluded from the voice minute bundles.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. Do the right thing on

    Here we go again , ripping off the consumer by selling data disguised as voice.Ridiculous , consumers make your calls on whatapp , cheaper for the ordinary guy in the street.

  2. Why doesn’t Telkom do what BT is now trying to force through its regulator: Do all calls via the internet, or voice over data. VOIP works well, so why doesn’t Telkom get with the programme and enter the 21st century too?
    Surely in this day and age there is no need for exchange switching of calls to still be around?

  3. That is EXACTLY what they are doing with the new wireless ‘landlines’…. My Mom had one, uses a Telkom Simcard, charges at normal land-line rates, but it is geo-fenced, will only work in a designated area..

  4. There could be something bubbling under here Kobus.
    Now why would Telkom suddenly wake up to a surplus of staff and need to cull the herd so darned smartly? HHHMMMM?
    Nothing gets rid of the need for a Human Resources office faster than new technology as you well know.

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