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Telkom on offensive over new dossier

A new dossier, which apparently makes new allegations about corporate governance problems at Telkom, has prompted the telecommunications group to go on the offensive by issuing a statement decrying its contents.

In the statement, issued on Tuesday evening, Telkom warns that the new dossier, which TechCentral has not seen, contains a “collection of untested allegations produced by a group of anonymous individuals who do not have the courage to make their identities public”.

Telkom SA MD Nombulelo Moholi says in the statement that she is “annoyed at having to respond to yet another dossier from the same sources, whose motives are known, and who continually trade with distorted information they obtain through the privilege of their positions”.

Senior Telkom sources say top executives at the operator blame former group chief operating officer Motlatsi Nzeku for being behind the dossiers. Nzeku was fired by former Telkom group CEO Reuben September.

The latest document “purports to be authored by a group calling itself the ‘Faceless Concerned Citizens”, Telkom says.

“It is the board’s view that given the uncertainty about the leadership [of Telkom]… certain individuals will seek to position themselves to damage the reputation of the company, and this may not be the last dossier.”

Telkom says it “remains committed to investigating all the allegations in detail and to seek corroborative evidence to confirm or reject these allegations decisively”.

Outgoing acting group CEO Jeffrey Hedberg says Telkom is taking the allegations seriously but says it is “unfortunate that the time and energy of the executive team has to be expended in diversions of this nature”.

Meanwhile, it’s widely speculated that President Jacob Zuma will name Telkom’s new chairman in his state of the nation address to parliament next Thursday evening.

Businessman Lazarus Zim is said to be the firm favourite to take over as chairman from Jeff Molobela, whose contract has been extended to 15 February by communications minister Roy Padayachie.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral


  1. What happened to the other dossiers that were released? They seem to fizzle out without any impact. Usually, bad news sells, but with Telkom it seems people don’t care about bad news from them anymore, they actually want to hear some good news.

  2. I hate telkom so much. Really I do, and its sad that a lot of people are in denial about how telkom has ruined us technologically. I am a web designer, and if they had any backbone (literally and figeratively) there might actually have been more than 1% of south africans who had access to Dsl, nevermind who could actually afford it.

    My future is not in this corrupt country where government granted monopolies can get away with murder, and even when whistle blowers try to inform the public about widespread mis management and corruption, it just gets ignored by the media and nobody has the guts to do a “special assignment” or “third degree” or even “carte blanche” won’t touch these bastards. Because they have too much money and the media won’t take a chance to lose telkom as their sponsor.

    Telkom and Eskom probably two of the companies I hate most in this country. Anyway, have to plan for a future here. Take care South Africa

  3. @Paulo, it looks like it’s just not Telkom that you hate, but SA as a whole. Please hurry up & go – we won’t miss you!!!!!.

  4. @Paulo, let me know if you want a train ticket to Harare or Airticket to Australia, or I can make you an appointment with your nearest available shrink. Henry Ford once said “Obstacles are those frightening things that become visible when we take our eyes off our goals.” and the Zen proverb says “The obstacle is the path.” The Choice is yours – I wont miss you!!!!! Na na na Hehehe Goodbye

  5. From the statement issued by Telkom.

    Quote”A comprehensive process to address the latest allegations has already been put in place by the Board’s Audit and Risk Committee.”

    The faceless dossier is being investigated in a professional manner. This is more then I think it deserves. What more does the idiot Paulo want?

  6. @Geoff and @Daniel, I don’t exactly see where Paulo mentioned he wants to leave this country. He mentioned that he doesn’t see a future in this corrupt country, he probably sees a future in a better SA. That’s not the same as wanting to leave the country. The last line clarifies it.

  7. Its common knowledge that Tech Central enjoys a sweet heart relationship with the Telkom tripartite alliance: Moholi – Hedberg (R. September before that) -Molobela. It is not surprising that it failed to explain to its readers the links between Molobela’ departure (because current minister refused to follow a recommendation that Molobela be offered an extension); Hedberg’s resignation (as he could no longer enjoy Molobela’s protection “against government”; being employed without a work permit and the possibility of what happened in Lagos coming to surface with a Molobela linked company) and Moholi’s expected departure to Vodacom or MTN (without Moolobela and Hedberg, the scheme to loot has effectively collapsed). I’m pretty sure you guys know abou this, but its obviously not in your interest to publish this. The question is why?

  8. This testifies of the underlying culture within Telkom. Corruption breeds more corruption. The sooner Telkom’s entire management structure, from Executive to Top Mangement are changed, the better it will be for Telkom.
    This poor leadership and confusion at the top, are one of the reasons, I have decided to take early retirement at Telkom. The firing of Mr Nzeku Motlatsi, was incorrect, and cost the company dearly in the long run. He was just highlighting the truth and got fired for it.


  9. @Schillo: We have no agenda or “sweetheart relationship” with anyone. If you have information to share, you can email me at duncan at techcentral dot co dot za. And we’ll keep your name out of it. We are aware of some of the allegations you refer to but haven’t uncovered the evidence we need to back it up. If you’re prepared to share information with us, we’ll gladly pursue it. Duncan McLeod

  10. if Moholi has a cosy relationship with Molobela, how come he is busy bad-mouthing her? He wants the ceo job for himself.

  11. I wonder whether this faceless dossier even exists or is this an attempt to circumvent the boiling pot. Telkom surely all the other dossiers were shown to the press why not this one ? Or is it as all the forensic reports company confidential and secret. Come on James Bond was in the movies boys. COME CLEAN AND ADMIT YOUR OWN FAILURES. Stop trying to slate everyone and anyone and pass the blame.!!!!!!

  12. How is it that this guy Motlatsi is always blamed like in this article by Hedberg? as far as the media reported he won his arbitration matter against Telkom which can only mean that he was right and the evidence was in his favour regarding the corrupt and incorrect procurement dealings of Telkom members of the EXCO. According to the media he had to be re-instated is this maybe a method of keeping him out !!!!!!!! or is he sitting quitely in an office at the towers. ? How can Pinky state that she knows who is behind all these dossiers and annoyed that she must respond. What a joke guys get real the writting is on the wall.

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