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Duncan McLeod

Telecoms prices take a tumble

SA consumers, used to high prices for telecommunications, must be rubbing their hands in glee. The cost of broadband and voice telephony has begun falling, in some cases dramatically, as competition finally begins to take effect

Jannie van Zyl

SA’s broadband Wild West

It’s like a movie about America’s Old West. Except this is SA, and it’s not a gripping story on the silver screen where actors get shot, dust themselves off, have a good laugh, and head back to their trailers. No, in the Wild West we’re heading into

Duncan McLeod

TV’s big overhaul

Television in SA is on the verge of its biggest changes since its introduction in 1976. Two new pay-TV operators will finally launch soon to take on DStv, and the move to digital terrestrial television will change the competitive dynamics of the industry forever.

Duncan McLeod

A race for smarties

Operating systems were all the talk last week at Mobile World Congress, the cellphone industry’s annual confab in Barcelona. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Nokia and others are engaged in a battle over whose software will run the next generation of smartphones

David Walker

When IT projects go bad

Most reasonably sized companies are fundamentally dependent on IT for key functions, including procurement, sales, orders, stock control, invoicing and payroll. When these IT systems fail, crisis ensues

Justin Spratt

Gadgets and erotica in Barcelona

The official party for the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona was at Montjuic Palace, hosted by British comedian Stephen Fry. His opening line was that the cellular industry confab was like a sex party for him because he was such a lover of gadgets. He admitted to owning 17 phones, 14 of which he actually bought himself

Duncan McLeod

Locked into Google

Privacy advocates voiced concerns this weekend about Buzz, Google’s new social networking service. Buzz reportedly exposed users’ contacts to others, without consent. That raises a question: how easy would it be to extricate oneself from Google?

Ivo Vegter

Euthanase Sentech

The latest example of a moribund state-owned enterprise is Sentech. It was once the signal distribution arm of the SABC, but was separated from its parent broadcaster when e-tv was licenced. It was encouraged to expand its lines of business by the former communications minister, Poison

Duncan McLeod

A way to fix Sentech

Sentech is in trouble. Communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda last week outlined the damning findings of a task team appointed to probe ongoing troubles at the state-owned broadcasting company. Here’s one way to fix it.

Danie Nel

Cheap broadband: is business ready?

High-capacity undersea cables and long-awaited cheap, reliable and fast broadband connectivity bring with them some challenges. For a long time, all technology planning in business in SA has been geared towards operating in a bandwidth-constrained economy. Not all businesses are in a position to take advantage

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