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Gisèle Wertheim Aymés

Social media’s risk and reward

When United Airlines refused to compensate Son of Maxwell band member Dave Caroll for damage caused to his US$3 500 guitar during a flight in 2008 he took his frustration online. He used YouTube to air a video depicting his mistreatment by the airline. His posting inflicted enormous reputational damage, well beyond anything United Airlines could have imagined — damage that could easily have been avoided

Duncan McLeod

Escape the jam

Traffic congestion in Gauteng and parts of Cape Town is a nightmare for motorists. Lost productivity costs the country millions of rand every day, never mind the frustration and stress it causes. Now, a solution may be at hand — thanks to technology

Justin Spratt

Uncapped Internet is a con

Right, so this whole “uncapped” and “Free the Web” stuff has me a little vexed. Basically I think it is all a bit disingenuous, even bordering on manipulative. While Seacom opened the floodgates last year with falling prices for international bandwidth, the reality is that the Telkom

Duncan McLeod

Why 3D TV will be a smash hit

Television is going 3D. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG Electronics, Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony are in a race to bring 3D-ready flat-screen panels to market. Is 3D a gimmick in TV or it is the future of the medium?

Matthew French

Why IT certification matters

It is one of those inevitable facts of life on a technical mailing list that one day someone will post a job advert. It is another fact of life on a mailing list that nobody will respond to the advert itself

Duncan McLeod

SA must think bigger

The arrival, finally, of relatively affordable, uncapped broadband products shows the country is making some progress in telecommunications. However, if we want to be truly competitive as a nation, we need to be thinking much bigger

Angus Hay

Why number portability matters

For many people, the concept of geographic number portability (GNP) holds little meaning. This is because its benefits to consumers have not been clearly communicated. Also, for people who do have some idea of how GNP works, there is a sense that it benefits businesses rather

Duncan McLeod

A wasted decade in SA broadband

A full-blown price war has erupted in fixed-line broadband in SA. Internet service providers are racing to outdo each other to provide unmetered bandwidth cheaper. This is great for consumers and the economy, but it should have happened 10 years ago.

Andrew Rens

Changing copyright: the bigger picture

Writing in defence of rights management and in response to my comment on his interview, Spoor & Fisher’s Owen Dean says he and I “approach copyright from two diametrically opposed departure points”. We do. But Dean goes on to misconstrue what I wrote in a number of ways

Duncan McLeod

Why operators are learning to share

First came the news that Cell C is planning to sell its national network of base stations to a third-party tower operator. Now MTN SA, looking to cut costs, may begin selling space on its towers to competitors. Why, suddenly, is infrastructure sharing all the rage?

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