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Driving with Ian: Meet the people, partners and technology of VMware

Ian Jansen van Rensburg

Take a drive with Ian Jansen van Rensburg, lead technologist at VMware sub-Saharan Africa, where he introduces us to the people, partners and technologies of VMware in the region.

As a channel-driven business, it is critical for VMware to work through its partners to deliver on its promise as the leader and innovator for multi-cloud strategy and virtualisation technologies. This also includes the software-defined-data-centre (SDDC) and how you stretch the SDDC into multi-cloud environments, like its cloud provider programme and AWS.

But the channel is not without its challenges and, in this video, Ian chats to partner Strategix about the importance of providing partners and customers with the technical skills needed to execute on the successful delivery of a VMware implementation and how partners can help customers realise the full potential of the shelfware they have bought — looking at what they have first, before investigating third-party solutions to deliver on a business need.

Ian also answers the question on the growth of hyperconverged infrastructure and how customers are using it to better navigate the delivery of services both on-premise and in the cloud.

Watch the video:

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