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Drone footage shows scale of Knysna fire devastation

Video footage shot by drone operators has laid bare the devastation caused by wildfires in and around Knysna and the Garden Route in recent days.

The fires, which have been fanned by gale-force winds, have caused devastation along the normally picturesque Southern Cape coastline.

Runaway fires have been reported in a vast swathe as far west as George in the Western Cape and as far east as Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

Knysna has, however, borne the brunt of the disaster, with out-of-control fires fanned by extreme winds. Total fatalities across the region have risen to six, including one firefighter, according to news reports.

Now drone operators have captured some of the devastation from the air.

John Swart of JS Productions has posted a video compilation in Elandskraal, Sedgefield from 9 June showing the charred landscape and destroyed homes and farms:

Kaleb Easton has used a DJI Mavic Pro to show shocking images of the aftermath of the fires in the Knysna area:

News site TimesLive, meanwhile, has posted footage from drone videographer Robert Boni showing the extent of the damage across the region:


  1. Frederick Johnson on

    its time for the “ANC Goverment” to seriously consider establishing a “Emergency Broadcast Radio Network” like they have in the USA,,-

  2. Frederick Johnson on

    “Natural Methane Gas-From Rotting Vegetation”-Fizzes In The Earths Crust”..extreme heat caused by such fires,all the oxygen is used up at ground level,so such a “Fire Storm” goes Airborne”…up to many kilometers in the atmosphere in its immediate vicinity..the extreme heat is so severe that the surrounding vicinity simply ignites..literally explodes into a “Fire Storm”engulfing everything around such a inferno within seconds..the various photos shows exactly the devastation..ive been in similar situations,where there is no escape..only way out was to jump into a mountain stream..1nce you experienced “Baptism By a Wildfire” only then do you realize the fierceness of such run away wildfires

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