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Former First National Bank CEO Michael Jordaan has invested in South African e-book aggregator Snapplify through investment firm AngelHub Ventures. AngelHub is backed by Jordaan and Rand Merchant Bank co-founder Paul Harris

In the past couple of years, start-ups — especially in the technology sector – have at long last been given a bit more time in the spotlight. This has mostly coincided with endeavours like Silicon Cape and the passion of a handful of individuals — entrepreneurs, investors and geeks – to create more of an

Former First National Bank CEO Michael Jordaan, who joined the board of social network Mxit as chairman in September 2013, has acquired a stake in AngelHub Ventures, a Cape Town-based company that provides seed funding to start-up businesses. Kevin Harris, who has worked

SA entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations and a romanticised idea of what angel investment or venture capitalism means. They often blame circumstances beyond their control for their inability to secure funding, rather than focusing on their idea and ensuring it’s sufficiently