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Christo Davel, former head of now-defunct online bank 20twenty, sparked intense debate and provoked security warnings from local banks last week when he took the wraps off his new venture, personal financial management website 22seven. The start-up got itself noticed. But is the service safe to use?

Financial management website 22seven has been live for just a day and already it’s facing its first serious challenge. Some of SA’s big banks have begun warning their customers not to provide their banking login details to the service, which aggregates users’ financial information to give them a graphics-rich picture of their income and spending

Yesterday, a new personal financial management service called 22seven was launched in SA. It allows you to track your personal spending and savings with tools for financial planning. The interface is slick and the intention of the developers, who I have spent some time in conversation with, is to make

Christo Davel, former head of now-defunct online bank 20twenty, has launched a new online financial services venture called 22seven designed to help people better manage their money. “Our service doesn’t have all the answers but it does have a few insights,” says Davel, who is CEO of the new company. “22Seven