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TalkCentral: Episode 3

Moments after we finished recording this week’s episode of the TalkCentral podcast, in which we speculated about the likely fate of communications department director-general Mamodupi Mohlala, the news came in that minister Siphiwe Nyanda had fired her. Fortunately — or, perhaps, unfortunately? — we weren’t too far off the mark in our pre-announcement speculation.

Shirky to keynote at Tech4Africa

Clay Shirky, celebrated author of Here Comes Everybody, a book on how the Internet is changing social behaviour, is a keynote speaker at the inaugural Tech4Africa conference, to be held in Johannesburg in August. Shirky, who divides his time between consulting, teaching and writing on the social and economic effects of communication technology, is a sought-after international speaker.

Duncan McLeod
A new Dimension

When I arrived at Jeremy Ord’s office last Friday — the day after news that the group he cofounded and now chairs, Dimension Data, was being bought out for R24,4bn by a Japanese corporate giant — he was looking relaxed. Having just flown back from London that morning, Ord appeared a little tired but entirely laid-back in jeans, takkies and an old jumper. The TV in his office, tuned in to the British Open, had the attention of the 54- year-old golfing and cycling enthusiast.

TalkCentral: Episode 2

Episode 2 of TechCentral’s TalkCentral podcast is live. SA’s first business technology podcast is hosted by TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod and deputy editor Candice Jones and is a weekly wrap-up of the big technology stories we’ve covered over the past week. In our second episode — the show now has its own jingle — we talk about what was arguably the busiest news week on the tech front this year.

TalkCentral: Episode 1

TalkCentral is SA’s first business technology podcast. Hosted by TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod and deputy editor Candice Jones, TalkCentral is a weekly wrap-up of the big SA technology stories we’ve covered over the past week. Meant as a complementary podcast to the ever-popular ZA Tech Show, the idea is to provide a succinct overview of what we’ve been covering on TechCentral, and to provide analysis behind and opinion about the news.

Duncan McLeod
The fibre’s coming

SA will soon be awash in cheap international bandwidth. The challenge is getting that bandwidth into the hands of consumers and companies. So, news this week of the launch of a new fibre operator is encouraging. Eassy. Wacs. Ace. Main One. These are the names of new cable systems that are either in the works or already under construction. Together with the Seacom cable in the east and the Sat-3 system in the west, they promise a flood of cheap international bandwidth.

Duncan McLeod
The pressure is on in telecoms

I’m sometimes asked by investors whether the growth story has gone out of SA telecommunications stocks. A series of regulations, coupled with growing competition and a weak economy, is putting pressure on operators’ margins. Is it time for investors to abandon the sector? Before I attempt to answer that question, it’s worth looking back at how the telecoms sector in SA has developed over the past decade

Duncan McLeod
Who’s fooling who?

Telkom has sent its customers a newsletter with their bills this month in which it tries to rubbish the uncapped broadband offerings introduced by MWeb and other service providers. Instead, it shows how Telkom is still stuck in the past. The newsletter article — headlined “Broadband: put a cap on it!” — doesn’t once

Duncan McLeod
Where to, Telkom?

Telkom is a fixed-line operator with ambitions to get into mobile telecommunications. Analysts aren’t sure it should be investing in a mature cellphone market. Do they have a point? Should Telkom be sticking to its knitting in fixed lines? Pity whoever is appointed to replace Reuben September

Duncan McLeod
Time to clear the picture

The department of communications has thrown SA’s migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television into disarray. It’s time to end all the nonsense around different standards and for the industry to move ahead. Business leaders in SA have always shown a reluctance to criticise government. Where they

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