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McLeod, Dingle named ICT journalists of the year

TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod and Finweek technology editor Simon Dingle have been named joint ICT journalists of the year at the inaugural Telkom Classic Business Journalist of the Year Awards. The awards, the ceremony for which was held at Summer Place in Sandton on Thursday, was organised to recognise excellence in

Duncan McLeod
Beware the hammer

SA is about to auction off a chunk of radio frequency spectrum that can be used to provide wireless broadband services. Let’s hope our operators don’t do what their European counterparts did a decade ago with 3G spectrum. It’s known as the great telecommunications crash of 2001. Mobile operators in the UK and Germany bid ridiculous amounts — cumulatively, hundreds of billions of rand

Duncan McLeod
Why fly?

Why do people fly all over the world? In many cases it’s simply not necessary. And with interesting new videoconferencing technologies being developed, long-haul travel may eventually become the exception in business rather than the rule. It always amazes me how journalist colleagues

TechCentral TV: the pilot episode

Welcome to TechCentral TV. This is a pilot, proof-of-concept show that TechCentral has produced in partnership with Traffic Corporate Media Communication, the people behind the Mindset…

Duncan McLeod
Set Telkom free

Government often argues that it must retain its stake in Telkom because the telecommunications company is a “strategic national asset”. But with competition intensifying by the day, the best thing that could happen to Telkom — and its customers — would be for government to sell up

Duncan McLeod
Changing the dial

While attention has been focused on television in the digital migration debate, digital radio has been left out in the cold, despite the advantages it can…

Duncan McLeod
Digital distress

Just about everyone in SA’s broadcasting industry has been taken aback by government’s decision to rethink its commitment to the European digital television standard. There are concerns it could set back the country’s digital migration by years

Duncan McLeod
Apple defies gravity

Something extraordinary looks set to happen soon in the world of technology. Apple, virtually bankrupt 14 years ago, is on the verge of overtaking Microsoft as the world’s biggest tech company by market value. Is its stock overvalued?

Duncan McLeod
You too, Telkom

The decision last week by the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) to reduce mobile termination rates was not unexpected. What the industry didn’t expect was for the regulator to move as quickly as it has to reduce fixed-line rates

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