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Duncan McLeod
SADC’s signal of good sense

A Southern African task team has recommended the adoption of the updated European standard for digital terrestrial television. Our politicians should waste no time in endorsing this and

Duncan McLeod
Telkom’s fork in the road

There was an air of despondency at Telkom’s interim financial results presentation this week. But after several strategic missteps, the group is finally promising to get its house in order. It had better move quickly: rivals are gaining fast.

TechCentral is moving

TechCentral is moving to new and improved premises this week. This entails all sorts of disruption, not least to telecommunications services. From Tuesday, 23 November until Friday, 26 November

TalkCentral: Episode 16 – ‘Taxed’

Episode 16 of TechCentral’s business technology podcast TalkCentral is ready for streaming or downloading. In the latest episode, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Candice Jones reflect on Cell C’s mobile broadband launch in Gauteng and the new data tariffs on offer.

Duncan McLeod
Time to let Telkom go

New communications minister Roy Padayachie brings talent and fresh vigour to a portfolio long in need of both. But his desire to hang on to government control over Telkom makes little sense.

Duncan McLeod
Flog Infraco

State-owned Broadband Infraco, created by government to bring down national telecommunications costs, is finally launching commercial services next week. But the company’s mandate has already

Duncan McLeod
Why Padayachie is the right choice

President Jacob Zuma dropped a bombshell on SA’s communications technology industry on Sunday when he sacked his controversial communications minister, Siphiwe Nyanda. In Roy Padayachie, the sector finally has the minister it wanted all along.

TalkCentral: Episode 14 – ‘Reshuffled’

Candice Jones is back from the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, Duncan McLeod is back from the dizzying heights of the Sentech Tower in Brixton, and communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda is in the political wilderness. Yes, it’s been another crazy news week here at TechCentral, and we’re back with another episode of TalkCentral

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