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The labour court on Friday dismissed with costs the urgent application brought by MTN South Africa’s chief corporate services officer, Robert Madzonga, to have his suspension lifted. Madzonga was suspended after MTN began an internal investigation into allegations

The day before disgraced former communications minister Dina Pule was reprimanded and apologised to parliament, the men who brought her to book were taken to task by their ANC counterparts for the way in which they handled the matter. Angry ANC MPs sympathetic to

Former communications minister Dina Pule has been reprimanded in parliament as part of the punitive measures enacted against her after parliament’s joint committee on ethics and members’ interests found her guilty of abusing her position to benefit her boyfriend, Phosane Mngqibisa, and misleading the

“I want to say in this house that I gave the best I could do to do my job. And that if in the course of me doing my job I made a mistake, I am sorry, I apologise.” Those were the brief words uttered by former communications minister Dina Pule after she was reprimanded by parliament and subjected

MTN’s chief corporate services officer has been suspended allegedly over his role in the diversion of sponsorship funds for the ICT indaba, Business Day reported on Monday. The newspaper reported that Robert Madzonga was also threatening to take take legal action against former

Decisive action will be taken against any ANC member who might be behind the death threats against two MPs, the party said at the weekend. “Should any of those behind the threats be found to be ANC members, the organisation will not hesitate to take stern action against them as we regard such

Senior ANC MP Ben Turok confirmed on Sunday that he had been assigned bodyguards after a man claimed he was asked to kill parliamentarians probing misconduct allegations against fired communications minister Dina Pule. “The head of parliament’s

Former communications minister Dina Pule is guilty of most of the charges levelled against her at parliament’s ethics committee and was also found to have lied to the committee during its investigations. The committee has now recommended that parliament refer the

Controversy-plagued former communications minister Dina Pule has been appointed to parliament’s portfolio committee on transport. This is despite the fact that Pule faces a number of ongoing investigations into allegations of corruption and nepotism

Former communications minister Dina Pule faces two investigations into her conduct and allegations of nepotism and corruption and, despite having been relieved of her position on Tuesday by president Jacob Zuma, both investigations appear set to proceed