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The department of communications (DOC) is in a mess. Minister Dina Pule and director-general Rosey Sekese are no longer on speaking terms and, although Sekese has been back at work for the past two weeks following her recent suspension, she’s reportedly been locked out of her office

The public protector may table its report into allegations of corruption and nepotism against communications minister Dina Pule as early as next week. The report was meant to be released at the end of March but was delayed. Pule is accused of allowing her alleged boyfriend

Communications minister Dina Pule has levelled sensational allegations against three of South Africa’s top investigative journalists, but has failed to provide evidence to back up her claims, including that one of the journalists, Mzilikazi wa Afrika, attempted to blackmail her. Pule told

A series of articles by the Sunday Times formed part of a smear and blackmail campaign, communications minister Dina Pule claimed on Monday. “The campaign was a highly sophisticated plot to blackmail me,” she told reporters in Johannesburg. “The Sunday Times thought it could coerce

Parliament’s joint committee on ethics and members’ interests has more than 2 000 pages of evidence against communications minister Dina Pule, The Star Africa Edition reported on Wednesday. Pule and her alleged boyfriend, Phosane Mngqibisa, are accused of appointing

The Democratic Alliance has called on President Jacob Zuma to fire Dina Pule after new revelations about the embattled minister of communications were published in a weekend newspaper. “The latest revelations in the ongoing saga of … Pule’s cronyism and self-enrichment leaves President Zuma with no other

Communications minister Dina Pule’s instruction in May 2012 that state-owned broadcasting signal distributor Sentech be the manager of the control system for digital terrestrial television may have indirectly benefited her alleged boyfriend

Democratic Alliance MP and spokesman on communications Marian Shinn has called for Dina Pule to be removed as communications minister following new allegations against her published in a weekend newspaper. The Sunday Times reported that Pule’s

Parliament’s joint committee on ethics and members’ interests has launched a formal probe into allegations of a conflict of interest involving communications minister Dina Pule and last May’s ICT Indaba in Cape Town. The committee, which is chaired

Weekend newspaper reports suggest that controversial communications minister Dina Pule is about to be sacked by President Jacob Zuma, with Lindiwe Zulu to take her place in the crucial portfolio. According to a report in the