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How dangerous is a teddy bear or a doll? In the Internet of things era, it’s not an idle question but one for parents and regulators to ponder seriously. On Monday, Troy Hunt, the cybersecurity expert who

South Africans are increasingly adopting online shopping as the Christmas rush puts pressure on retailers to generate a healthy bottom line in a tough economic environment. Despite fears of credit card fraud as a significant barrier to e-commerce, data from

New research published on Wednesday shows that more than a billion mobile phone users will have made use of their devices for banking by the end of 2017, compared to fewer than 600m this year. Although the forecast of a billion users by 2017 represents more than 15% of the global mobile subscriber

US$45bn worth of bets through online sports books and betting exchanges will be made using mobile devices by 2017, up from $13bn in 2011, a new report by Juniper Research has found. Juniper Research says online sports books and betting exchanges have been among the main beneficiaries of the consumer

Fraud and problems with billing systems could cost mobile operators as much as US$300bn/year by 2016, with African telecommunications providers suffering the most, a new research study has found. The report, from the UK’s Juniper Research, reckons

It is getting easier and easier for consumers to transfer money anywhere in the world as new technologies come to market using cellphones and payment networks. In the past week, Visa and MTN announced a payment platform that allows cross-border transactions, FNB opened up its

UK-based research firm Juniper Research says that although it expects there will be a rapid uptake of long-term evolution (LTE) high-speed mobile broadband technology over the next five years, this uptake to be limited to a small number of large cities and only in