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It sometimes seems that whenever security researchers discover some new exploit or malware that allows the monitoring of remote computers, the finger is quickly pointed at the US intelligence agencies. Security firm Kaspersky has revealed a complex

How safe is Microsoft Windows? After all, the list of malware that has caused major headaches worldwide over the last 15 years is long – viruses, worms and Trojans have forced computers to shut down, knocked Korea offline and even overloaded Google’s servers. Now, how safe

A major security breach involving the theft of South African bank account holders’ details by one or more criminal syndicates may go down as one of the worst such incidents in the country’s history. Criminals infected point-of-sale terminals in South African fast-food outlets and restaurants with

After a brief sojourn, TechCentral’s podcast is back with an information-packed show. This week, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson talk about Google’s US$12,5bn acquisition of Motorola Mobility and consider the implications for the ongoing software

International security company Kaspersky Lab says the first SMS Trojan Horse for the popular mobile operating system Android has been identified. Kaspersky says the Trojan, known as Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a, has already infected a number of mobile devices.

Nearly 85% of all e-mail is spam. That’s one of the findings in a new report published by Internet security specialist Kaspersky Lab. According to Kaspersky’s spam report for the second quarter of 2010, 84,4% of the total volume of e-mail traffic online is unsolicited junk mail.

Episode 4 of SA’s business technology podcast, TalkCentral, is live. In this week’s show, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Candice Jones talk about the dramatic axing of communications department director-general Mamodupi Mohlala. We interviewed her this week about how the drama unfolded at the department. We also review the other big stories of the week, including Wananchi’s plans to deploy fibre to the home in Kenya, the “I’m been unfairly maligned” speech by Telkom’s nonexecutive chairman, Jeff Molobela, the impending collapse of pay-TV operator Super 5 Media, the launch of DStv Mobile’s streaming video service, and much more.