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Telkom has appointed communications expert Jacqui O’Sullivan as its managing executive for group communication and public relations, replacing Praveen Naidoo, who is leaving the telecommunications operator. O’Sullivan, who has

Motorola has not been a contender in the smartphone wars, at least not in South Africa, for the past two years now. Although the company has produced a few talked-about products for the international market, these phones have not reached our shores. But Motorola is a company with an impressive track record and its latest midrange smartphone

If you’re in the market for a smartphone, one of the key considerations, once you’ve settled on the platform, is screen size. With a multitude of sizes, ratios, and resolutions on the market, one thing is clear: average screen is increasing and it’s showing

Motorola keeps slogging away in the hypercompetitive mobile device market. Like rival Samsung, the company likes to hedge its bets with a range of handsets that cover the full range of the market, from budget-conscious consumers to those demanding high-end smartphones. Its latest entry-level smartphone is the Defy Mini, a

Like last year’s Razr, Motorola’s updated Razr Maxx is an elegant and potent device. The Maxx sacrifices the slim profile of its predecessor in exchange for a mammoth 3 300mAh battery, and that is really where it’s looking to differentiate itself from rival top-end Android handsets. With the Maxx, Motorola

The Motorola Defy+ (officially, the MB526) is in many ways an incremental update to its rugged and unpretentious midrange precursor, but it’s also a reminder that the smartest thing about smartphones is that you don’t need the best features to keep abreast of the rest. The original Motorola Defy (the MB525) marked the US company’s return

Go ahead, but we’re watching you. That, in effect, is what competition authorities in America and the European Union told Google on 13 February. Last August, the search engine giant agreed to buy Motorola Mobility, a maker of mobile phones with 17 000 issued patents and 6 800 pending, for $12,5bn. Neither

Google headquarters must be all high-fives this week. Just hours after the European Commission cleared the company’s proposed acquisition of Motorola, the US department of justice has given its approval to the deal as well. “The division concluded that the specific transactions at issue are

Remember the Razr? It was Motorola’s incredibly popular series of super-thin flip phones that sold more than 130m units, making it the most popular “clamshell”-style phones in the history on the mobile device industry. Well, the Razr is back, at least in name if not in design

Fresh in from Nokia World, Brett Haggard and Simon Dingle are joined by Ben Kelly to discuss Nokia’s new device line-up, Sony buying out Sony Ericsson, Motorola’s new RAZR Android device, bendy-screen gadgets, Ubuntu on smartphones and tablets, and much more