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Hello, Moto! The Motorola smartphone brand has made a return to South Africa with the launch by Lenovo of the Moto Z in South Africa. The new device looks set to stand out from a crowded market

Chinese computing giant Lenovo is readying to launch its “Moto” smartphones in South Africa on Thursday, a move that heralds the return of Motorola in South Africa. Lenovo bought Motorola Mobility from Google in late 2014 for US$2,9bn. Google

The end of the smartphone wars is almost here. Six years after Apple filed its first lawsuit alleging unauthorised copying of the iPhone, the company will square off at the US supreme court on Tuesday against rival Samsung Electronics. They will argue over

Lenovo expects its loss-making smartphone business to turn a corner next financial year as it shifts toward higher-end devices and ramps up marketing in the US and China. The world’s largest PC maker

Huawei is the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, according to new research from Gartner, with sales up by more than a half in the three months ended December 2015. With an increase in sales of 53% in the fourth quarter of last year, Huawei

Imagine a cellphone that weighs almost 5kg, is the size of a briefcase and costs R75 000 in today’s money? Believe it or not, that’s what early adopters had to put up with in the early days on mobile in the 1980s. To commemorate the first-ever mobile phone call 30 years ago

It was another busy year in South Africa’s technology industry. From the drama at the SABC to the drama over the splitting of the department of communications, it’s been an interesting news year, but a frustrating one for the sector. We know what our favourite stories were in 2014

What a difference a year makes. In late 2013, Korea’s Samsung was still riding high on the success of its Galaxy S4 and Note 3 smartphones, while some analysts were questioning whether rival Apple had simply stopped innovating after the

It’s a new era in Cupertino. Apple’s smartwatch, announced yesterday by CEO Tim Cook, represents a marked shift in strategy for a company over which founder and former CEO Steve Jobs still casts a big shadow. Apple’s two new smartphones