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R28bn Naspers bonanza as Walmart buys Flipkart

Africa’s largest company just chalked up another major investment coup. Naspers has netted a cool US$1.6bn profit from the sale of its 11% stake in Indian e-commerce startup Flipkart, a deal almost as lucrative

Naspers and Tesla: invest or ignore?

On the surface, locally listed media and Internet behemoth Naspers doesn’t have much in common with US electric vehicle producer Tesla. But scratch below the surface and the companies have more in common

Global tech boom isn’t done, SA experts say

Despite the enormous run-up in global technology stocks in the past five years – and the recent stomach-churning volatility – the market isn’t repeating the dot-com euphoria of 1999 and South African investors would

Bob van Dijk on why Naspers sold 2% of Tencent

Late on Friday, Naspers CEO Bob van Dijk and chief financial officer Basil Sgourdos spoke to analysts about the group’s decision to sell 2% of its stake in Chinese Internet giant Tencent. Van Dijk explained the rationale

Naspers mulls listing other business units

Naspers, frustrated that investors give it no credit for its investments other than a stake in Chinese Internet behemoth Tencent, is considering listing some businesses on the stock market to highlight their value

Tencent tumbles after Naspers trims stake

Tencent Holdings has lost US$48bn (R566bn) of market value over two days, pummelled by a warning on margin pressure as well as a surprise sale of stock by its biggest shareholder. Asia’s largest company slumped

Naspers to sell R126bn stake in Tencent

Naspers plans to lessen its exposure to China’s Tencent by reducing its stake from 33.2% to 31.2%, the JSE-listed technology and media group said in a statement to shareholders on Thursday. It will dispose of up to 190m shares

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