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Fresh challenge to StarSat over adult TV

The Justice Alliance of South Africa on Tuesday said it had filed papers in the high court in Cape Town to challenge communications regulator Icasa’s decision to allow three adult channels to be broadcast on TV after 8pm. “Jasa believes that it is a step too far to introduce this to the family TV, which is usually in the only

StarSat to bulk up sports offering

On Digital Media (ODM), the owner of pay-television operator StarSat (formerly TopTV), is making a more aggressive play into sports, reserving an entire channel number range to sports channels and launching a new sports

StarSat wins court battle with shareholder

On Digital Media (ODM), the company that owns pay-television brand StarSat (formerly TopTV), is a step closer to concluding its business rescue process after it won a high court battle last week against one of its minority shareholders. It has been in business rescue under the

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Pay TV: Icasa tries again

Two weeks ago, Icasa provisionally awarded licences to five new subscription television broadcasters. It hopes the move will help crack open what has become a highly concentrated market that is now thoroughly dominated by one operator, MultiChoice. The communications regulator will be hoping that it is more successful in this

Icasa licenses new pay-TV operators

As South Africa inches slowly towards migrating from analogue to digital terrestrial television, communications regulator Icasa has provisionally granted licences to five new pay-TV operators following an exhaustive hearings process that took place in 2013. The companies and consortia that have bid for the licences

MultiChoice: Netflix, Apple pose ‘real threat’

Netflix, Apple, Google and other online streaming video providers are the real threat to MultiChoice in South Africa’s subscription broadcasting industry, the pay-television operator’s CEO says. Imtiaz Patel, who heads up MultiChoice South Africa Group, tells TechCentral

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Want competition? Do this, Icasa

Communications regulator Icasa this week kicked off a high-level formal inquiry into the state of competition in South Africa’s information and communications technology sector. In the coming months, the authority, which regulates the telecommunications, broadcasting and postal services sectors, has promised

Broadcasting to face competition probe

South Africa’s highly concentrated television broadcasting industry, which has one dominant subscription operator in MultiChoice, will be a key focus area of Icasa’s high-level inquiry into the state of competition in the information and communications technology sector

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StarSat will be a ‘serious competitor’

StarSat, the pay-television platform previously known as TopTV, will emerge as a “serious competitor” to MultiChoice, the Naspers subsidiary that owns the dominant DStv service. That’s the word from Peter van den Steen, who is overseeing the business rescue of StarSat parent On

Fresh court challenge to StarSat porn

StarSat, the pay-television platform known until recently as TopTV, is facing another potential hurdle over its three subscription-based pornographic channels. An organisation calling itself Cause for Justice has filed papers at the high court in Pretoria asking for a review of a decision by the Independent

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